The operation of artist “Doc Jazz”

The operation of artist “Doc Jazz”

Talented surgeon and artist known as “Doc Jazz” is creating a wave of inspiration to the people. Doc Jazz was nicknamed Doctor Jazz from his profession as a surgeon and a music artist by his peers but later founded his name, Doc Jazz. Of Palestinian origin, Doc Jazz was born and raised in the Netherlands, but later emigrated to the UAE about a decade ago where he practices his professions. His songs have been featured on mass social media in the Netherlands, Palestine, and other parts of the Middle East. Through out time, Doc Jazz has produced well over 100 varieties of music.

Doc Jazz recently created a new album called “Love in the time of Corona”. The album explains that even in this pandemic crisis, love and compassion will always prevail against this deadly and darkness disease. Instead of barricading ourselves in our own personal hell, we need to reach out to the people we care about more than ever to insure their survival from this pandemic. The exclusive Doc Jazz emerges with this enlightened album of rhythmic and melodic originals, designed to bring listeners the power to lighten the weight of the world that an individual carries on their backs. Doc Jazz documents it in his signature style of modern pop music with a retro style vibe.

His music can’t be classified as just jazz, although it constantly contains jazzy elements and jazz is literally in his name. His slogan is “The taste of rock, the scent of jazz, and the feel of funk”, which attains to many of his music. However, Doc Jazz will experiment almost any kind of musical genre, merging various styles together into his own unique form of master work. Occasionally, this includes elements from Palestinian folkloric and other Arabic music.

Arrangement is vital with any full-length talented album, and Doc Jazz is no stranger to the concept. From multi-layered jazz, rock, and funk, to piano-led ballads and even hip hop, with volcalism ranging from closeness to a more distant, reflective sense of emotion and appreciation. The album is a modern rollercoaster of meandering energy that provides the power of evolution to ones mind of ease.

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