The “Ride” To Success For Demetri

The “Ride” To Success For Demetri

Growing up, Demetri was the eldest of 10 children in Michigan. As a result, he developed his drive, independence, and leadership skills early on. In addition to going to school and pursuing his football career, he had to take care of himself and his siblings. As the dream of playing football ended, a new aspiration developed for music. Throughout his childhood, Demetri was exposed to music by his mother, grandmother, uncle, and father, who were all singers. In Detroit, both his father and his uncle were well-known rap artists and MCs. At a very young age, his uncles and mentor gave him vocal lessons, which he practiced in the church choir.

Demetri’s natural leadership skills enable him to lead a cohesive team. They work smoothly together, each understanding their role and how to contribute to Demetri’s vision. As for himself, he keeps a very structured life that focuses on achieving success. His daily grind includes creating new sounds and connecting with his listeners through different forms of marketing and interactions. Demetri’s music incorporates the spiritual aspect of his life that he maintains a close connection with. By doing this, he is able to connect both with his audience on a spiritual level and on a physical level as well. Among the musicians who inspire him most are Fred Hammod, The Winans, J Moss, 112, and KC & JOJO. Gospel and R&B combine to create his unique sound that so many love.

He has a new song coming out called “Ride” that talks about the ups and downs of one’s relationship and understanding that they will stick by you through thick and thin. A truly unique sound was created by him through Bdub’s engineering. In addition to creating real connections with his audience along the way, Demetri’s new sound will create a twist to the music industry.

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