The Rise of Top Talent Management

The Rise of Top Talent Management

Over the last five years collab houses, known as content houses have become an established tradition in the influencer world. As the popularity of TikTok continues to rise and it’s content creators continue to gain mass followings, different content houses are coming together to allow content creators to even further their positive influence and following. One content house that was created in August 2020 and is now trending and garnering millions of views is Top Talent House. 

The mastermind behind Top Talent House in Nour Khodr. Nour was born in Florida, and grew up with a love for music and medicine, often accompanying his dad to work as his dad worked in the medicine field. Shortly after Nour realized his love for helping others achieve their goals, he started Top Talent in May 2020, initially managing a few friends he met on social media while he was a pre-law student in college. 

Nour saw his management company grow exponentially over the next few months so he began funding collaboration trips to help his influencers grow and build a sense of community among the Top Talent influencers. Nour’s initiative in creating Top Talent was to build a community that was very welcoming and allowed content creators to reach their full potential. 

Nour brought Anna Shumate, Eva Cudmore, Katie Pego, and Rachel Brockman out to Los Angeles to start the Top Talent House. All four girls had a huge following on TikTok and Nour believed he could help the creators increase their following and foster a positive environment among the creators in the house. 

The house was set up in such a way that Nour and his staff would live in a different section of the house while the creators lived in the main house, allowing the staff and creators to have space from each other. Parents of the creators are also welcome anytime and often visit and spend quality time with their children. 

Recently, The Top Talent House has merged with Not a Content House and the announcement has received great feedback and excitement from fans. With Nour’s initiative to create a positive environment to allow content creators to collaborate, Top Talent and their content house will continue to succeed and take the TikTok world by storm.