The Road to the Rise of Metasocial Reform

The Road to the Rise of Metasocial Reform

—social change in —MSDAO

-the establishment of —MSDAO organization

———Meta Social  Decentralized Autonomous Organization

Yuan society

An anonymous DAO organization composed of spontaneous, autonomous and consensus in the form of distributed community is willing to build a super web3.0 business empire.

—MSDAO business organization chart

—MSDAO global open donation

—— Disclosure of —Msdao technical feasibility report

—Msdao open smart contract airdrop

—MSDAO donates the first target of 100,000 USD, and enters social wallet or swap development!


—Msdao will go online as soon as possible, SWAP Ecology and USDM stable currency

MSD online transaction

MSD Value Logic Roadmap

New address construction of cobweb:

DEFI× new purchase × destruction × application

Calculate the mean value of DAO members: 1×1000MSD×2% destruction rate

Get M1-M9 value growth roadmap:

M1: 20000 currency address, price 2U

M2: 50000 currency address, the price is 10U.

M3: 100000 currency address, price 30U

M4: 300000 currency address, price 60U

M5: 500000 currency address, price 100-130U

M6: 700000 currency address, price 170-230U

M7: 1,000,000 currency address, price 330-400U U.

M8: 1300000 currency address, price 480-670U

M9: 1700000 currency address, price 780-980U

M10: the final address is added steadily by +N, the final market value price is fixed in the combined ecology of MSDAO, and finally MSD is destroyed and 30 million pieces are reserved quantitatively to enter DAO members and ecological agreement application!


Development of Msdao combined ecology

Q1: Perfection of social system

Q2: I do online

Q3: IP creator economy

Q4: Creator Economy


Popularization and application of MsDAO to 1 million users around the world

Popularization and application of Msdao to 10 million users around the world

Disclosure of 10 million users × 10 million addresses × Ecology ≈ Stable 1500U


Enter the public chain development of msdao web3 and MSD ecological application.

Popularization, application and distribution of 100 million users of Msdao worldwide

Application and distribution of 1 billion users of Msdao in the world


Essential DAPP for global 10-15Eweb3.0 users, 100 billion data capital, 1 trillion blue ocean market value, and 40% of aggregated ecology will distribute the weighted contribution to MS DAO. The annual per capita sustainable income of members is 300-2 million!


—— It has been anonymously reported by the unknown DAO organizations in the world and has been included in the mainstream capital collection reference. The initiator of MS.DAO will promote the application of ecological construction of MS.DAO in the web3.0 infrastructure in the shortest time, reshape the value world of DEFI3.0, subvert the new distribution of the decentralized Internet world pattern, maximize the distribution of profits to the members of M.SDAO through agreement economy, and call for more people to join, until MS is used globally.