The secret of depilation by Nadezhda Sapozhnikova

The secret of depilation by Nadezhda Sapozhnikova

Nadezhda Sapozhnikova is the highest-paid hair removal specialist with extensive experience. Really, it is not even about many years of professional experience, but about a steady stream of customers. People are booked for a session with Nadezhda Sapozhnikova three months in advance!

What is the secret of her runaway success? Especially if we take into account that the process of removing unwanted hair in the bikini area is usually painful, and moreover, most of Nadezhda’s clients are men!

I never thought of becoming a depilation master

Nadezhda Sapozhnikova (née Pavlova) was born at the edge of the Earth, in a tiny village with a difficult name and a population of 400 inhabitants.

When the girl turned 12, her mother suddenly lost her sight. Completely blind, she could not stay in her job. To feed two small children whom she raised alone, she took on any feasible work.

“We never had any money,” – Sapozhnikova recalls her childhood. – “We never had enough of everything, even food and clothes. My father left the family before the time I was born, and my mother did all she could so that we wouldn’t die of hunger.”

Even then, little Nadia promised herself that when she grew up, she would earn a lot of money so that neither her mother nor her future children would need anything. Looking ahead, let’s say: Sapozhnikova kept that promise to herself.

But before that, in order to help her mother, a teenage girl went to study as … a builder. Since then, Nadezhda has been able to do professional repairs and lay tiles beautifully. After finishing the Lyceum, she, as the best student, was offered a second profession, a managerial one. Nadezhda agreed, but she did not finish her studies because she found out that she was pregnant.

India turned life upside down

In 2009, when her daughter Svetlana turned 7 years old, Nadezhda allowed herself a holiday for the first time. She went with her friend to India. It was there that she met Kirill, her current husband.

“We spent two months together, although I planned to leave for only 10 days,” Nadezhda laughs. The couple came back from India together and since then never parted.

It was Kirill who persuaded Nadia to consider the beauty industry as the main source of income. The young woman agreed: she enrolled in a depilation course, attended professional trainings and, finally, declared that she was ready to try.

“We started a business right in our apartment,” Nadezhda’s husband and business partner, Kirill Sapozhnikov, says. “We prepared one room for these purposes and advertised on the Internet. And we didn’t even expect that those who would come for an intimate depilation session would be men!”

The secret of intimate depilation by Nadezhda Sapozhnikova

Over time, there were so many customers that the master had to increase the price to scare some people away. However, it had the opposite effect. The number of men who wished to have depilation of intimate areas exactly at Nadezhda Sapozhnikova has increased even more!

“I think men just like the way I provide services,” Nadezhda laughs. “First, I clean the bikini area with wax, because it is more gentle to skin, and I get the job done to perfection with sugar. Thanks to this combination and, most importantly, proportions individually selected for each client, we get an effect that is many times cooler than the traditional one. “

Among the clients of Nadezhda Sapozhnikova, there are many celebrities along with ordinary men. There are also winners of the male beauty contest. “Not all of my clients are ultra-modern or non-traditional ones. The vast majority are usual straight people for whom the issue of personal hygiene is not an empty sound,” the master explains.

In the near future, Nadezhda and Kirill Sapozhnikov will have a tour of major US cities.

“We are going to live in each planned city for a month, so everyone who wants to get an intimate haircut or depilation will be able to come to Nadia for a session,” Kirill says.

“We also dream of acting professionally in films,” Nadezhda adds. “And soon we will enrol in acting classes.”

Well, let’s wish the enterprising couple good luck and hope to see them on the big screen!