The Success Anatomy of Artist Ernesto Hernandez, AKA Legacy

The Success Anatomy of Artist Ernesto Hernandez, AKA Legacy

Ernesto Hernandez, commonly known as Legacy, was born in Cuba, Santa Clara. His early life was full of hardships as he didn’t have the resources necessary to have a proper childhood. However, Ernesto knew that things would never remain constant, and there is always room for success for those who work hard. He also knew that he loved music, but he could not do much at an early age. It was not until when he was 16, he started rapping. He then got involved in the business sector when he was 20.


All businesses yearn to grow and become successful. They, therefore, follow some guidelines that they believe will reach a certain goal. For Ernesto, he ensures that he is growing and succeeding by pushing through the obstacles and never giving upon them. He also says that his steadfast love of GOD makes him successful, happy, and healthy.

Creating a name

Ernesto was working tirelessly, having several all-nighters as he was trying to make ends meet. At one point, he lost everything he had in order to have everything he ever wanted. He also made several other sacrifices like working through holidays and weekends while others were celebrating and partying.

Pushing Through

He has achieved knowledge beyond belief during his entrepreneurial journey, a stronger will power, financial freedom, mental and spiritual strength. He now believes that anything is possible as long as you set your mind to it and work hard on yourself, goals, and dreams.

Ernesto loves watching movies, writing music, doing workouts, and reading personal development books in his free time. He learns to be a better version of himself by ensuring that he is progressing each day. Lastly, he follows up with his friends and family and stays in touch with his clients.