The total amount of locked assets in the DeFi is approaching $8 billion. How to make money in the DEX  with the greatest opportunity?

The total amount of locked assets in the DeFi is approaching $8 billion. How to make money in the DEX with the greatest opportunity?


What is the most popular thing in the cryptocurrency market? The answer is DeFi.

Data from shows that TVL is currently approaching US$8 billion, while it still maintaining rapid growth.

In cryptocurrency market, when you see this kind of curve, then you must study it carefully. A big opportunity may be by your side.

Why we say so?

Because the cryptocurrency investors all understand that early entrants earned more. This has also caused many speculators leave immediately when they earn money. making many projects the peak of their debut, and they will soon return to Silence.

DeFi has experienced precipitation. It has valuable investors and long-termists as foundation. Only the affairs that have experienced precipitation will have long-term vitality.

On a long view, DeFi targets traditional finance. Moreover, it can be used as an oracle machine, algorithmic stable currency, insurance, or lending. Because the future market is huge, every direction may become a giant.


Among thousands of ways, there is one track that is considered to have the greatest chance,  that is DEX. DEX is not only a DeFi application, but also an infrastructure for other DeFi applications.

The data shows that the trading volume of DEX compared to CEX at the beginning of the year only accounted for 0.2%. Today, this number has reached 4%. One of the best is Uniswap. Uniswap has attracted a large number of investors with its simple interface and simple operation method. The IDO mode is even more popular.

If you want to invest DEX, you must study Uniswap, and then think about how to improve and optimize it.

As a newcomer, KKSwap knows the importance of starting a business on the shoulders of giants. After analysis thousands of market survey data, KKSwap has made some small innovations.

First of all, KKSwap has added data services. In the DEX market, chaos and opportunities coexist. Accurate data can help investors to do a good job, such as data on the increase and decrease funds, currency trading volume, 4 hours of new currency, etc. .

Second, it has introduction of a split board mechanism. Recently JustSwap has been criticized for a long time because of the counterfeit currency problem. There are more than a dozen counterfeit coins in a currency. The official has to introduce a whitelist system, but the whitelist information is difficult to synchronize. KKSwap introduces innovative board and main board. The main board is for projects that have been voted jointly by the platform and the community, and the innovation board is for all projects. In this way, whether you are a speculator or a value investor, you know what to do.

Third, refer to Polkadot’s governance and use DAO to govern the community. Part of KKSwap’s tokens is the governance currency wKSA. The governance currency needs to be obtained through staking through the platform currency KSA. The two can be exchanged at market prices.

In addition, KKSwap will explore cross-chain feasible solutions for the reserve type DEX in the future, and will always keep in the track with the market, introduce advanced approachs and concepts, continue to maintain KKSwap’s innovation.



After so many years, the blockchain has finally  applicated in the financial direction, and we are the early participants.

As long as we can keep running with them, it has great chance to realize the freedom of wealth.

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