The Windows Subsystem for Android appears on the Microsoft Store, and it could come to Xbox as well

The Windows Subsystem for Android appears on the Microsoft Store, and it could come to Xbox as well

Microsoft is set to begin carrying out Windows 11 on October 5, and one key feature that was guaranteed and will not be conveyed is support for Android applications. All things considered, that is formally coming to Windows Insiders in the coming months. Notwithstanding, the Windows Subsystem for Android has showed up on the Microsoft Store, and you can even download it.

Tragically, it doesn’t do anything right now. In the event that you proceed to open the application that the Microsoft Store conveys, you’ll simply see a clear, dark window. It’s nothing invigorating for the present.

What’s significantly more intriguing is the Store posting for the Windows Subsystem for Android. Being that this hasn’t been in see yet, Microsoft hasn’t discussed how it will function, for sure you’ll require. Shockingly, the posting just says Microsoft Confidential in the depiction, saying that the application is for trying purposes and that individuals who should utilize it shouldn’t take screen captures or talk about the substance.

The system requirements page is a bit seriously telling. The Windows construct required is 22000, which is the one that is dispatching on October 5. This shows that it’s conceivable that Microsoft probably won’t constrain clients to delay until the following year’s Windows 11 component update to get the Windows Subsystem for Android. As should be obvious, the feature can be delivered independently. It’s additionally going to require 8GB of RAM, with 16GB suggested. It runs on ARM64 or x64 processors, and that is clearly nothing unexpected, since those are the two kinds of processors that Windows 11 sudden spikes in demand for.

Maybe more fascinating is that this application is recorded as accessible for Xbox consoles, including the Xbox One family and the new age of Xbox Series X|S gadgets. Microsoft hasn’t discussed Android applications running on gaming consoles, however gaming on Android is no joking matter. Carrying those games to the control center, regardless of whether it’s simply giving an approach to play them, could be a valuable system, in the event that it winds up occurring.

Clearly, none of this is true. Microsoft has said very little regarding Android applications running on Windows 11, let alone on Xbox. It declared the component at the Windows 11 dispatch occasion, and afterward when it reported the Windows 11 delivery date, it reported that Android application support is postponed. We’ll simply need to delay until the organization has more to say on this.