The yellow and black debut color Lotus Emeya electric sedan

The yellow and black debut color Lotus Emeya electric sedan

With the Emeya electric sedan, the Lotus lineup now has two models with four doors. It is not surprising that it resembles the Eletre SUV in appearance, though it is sleeker and lower. That fact is also emphasized by the debut color’s use of yellow and black. The absence of concrete details on the vehicle is somewhat surprising.

We truly mean it when we say this seems to be the Eletre. From its pointed, irritated nose to its curvy flanks, the Emeya almost always employs the same lines. But overall, the design is much more successful because it has a lower height and less overall mass. Like the Eletre, it also uses the active grille shutters, diffuser, and rear spoiler. The Emeya’s exterior does stand out thanks to its dual running lights on each side of the front fascia.

Again, the Emeya’s interior is nearly identical to the Eletre’s. An angular dual-cowl dash board surrounds a single screen, which serves as the focal point. Behind the steering wheel is a small screen that displays basic driving information. Throughout, leather and faux suede are used extensively.

The Emeya’s specifications lack detail. It will be accessible in a double engine all-wheel-drive design that can arrive at speeds beating 155 mph. The engines will likewise get it to 62 mph in a guaranteed 2.8 seconds. Additionally, it is able to utilize fast chargers that are capable of 350 kW. A variable air suspension is also used throughout the vehicle. However, actual horsepower, torque, and battery capacity have not been specified.

Production of the Emeya will begin sometime in the coming year. Normally, evaluating hasn’t been reported, all things considered. Because it is smaller than the Eletre, it may ultimately cost less. Keep an eye out for more of that information as production progresses.