Thinkium public chain is committed to solving the problem of “Isolated Data Island”

Thinkium public chain is committed to solving the problem of “Isolated Data Island”

Thinkium integrates the various technologies of Layer1 + Layer2, supports layered and parallel subchain, isomorphism and heterogeneous cross-chain, sharding, EVM and asset bridge, and can be fully connected to all current digital assets in the blockchain world to allow their efficient circulations.

With the accelerated progress of digital transformation and upgrading in various industries, especially the rapid popularization and application of 5G, the Internet of things and other new technologies, the total amount of data in the whole society is growing explosively, and the demand for data storage, computing, transmission and application is greatly increased.

What is an isolated data center island?

The phenomenon of “isolated data center islands” refers to the construction of disconnected data center platforms by various industries.

However, from the perspective of data privacy, in the Internet era, the data produced by the creative subject will be easily copied and spread, and the data rights and interests of individual users cannot be guaranteed, and the data privacy right is extremely easy to be violated.

Blockchain disruption “isolated data center island” security to protect the privacy of individual data

First, blockchain technology solves the problem of ownership and traceability of digital assets.Any party subject who wants to obtain data can directly exchange equal value with the data subject without going through any third party platform.

When the blockchain belongs the data right to each individual, the isolated data center island will gradually disappear, and all the data information on the chain will be open and transparent, non-tamper, non-forgery and traceable.

In terms of data privacy protection, blockchain, as a platform for data release and exchange, and the separation of data from computation by secure computing, can well protect the privacy of users’ data and broaden the functions that can be realized by blockchain applications.

How does Thinkium public chain solve “Isolated Data Island” problem?

In the trusted digital world of Thinkium public chain, all digital assets such as user’s behavior, information and data are effectively protected. The user’s data is stored in the distributed data center and access control is carried out by blockchain. Any institution or individual needs to obtain their authorization to read it.

The data right confirmation and protection system of Thinkium public chain makes the data generated by users belong to themselves and become important personal assets, which can be authorized to use and recorded traceability.

The underlying infrastructure of Thinkium public chain can effectively implement the data interaction between cross-chains and cross-applications, avoid the phenomenon of “data island” between different commercial ecosystems in traditional Internet business, and enable everyone’s data to generate certain commercial value while being controlled by themselves.

Thinkium public chain is committed to helping every ordinary people have the opportunity to participate in the construction of the underlying infrastructure of the public chain and share the growth of the public chain together!