This AV Control System Is Changing Meetings Forever

This AV Control System Is Changing Meetings Forever

When it comes to AV setups, we can safely say most of them are very outdated. They often rely on too many cables and remotes to do simple things. Often this excessive assortment of equipment leads to more headaches than benefits. It can even get to a point where if you do not have an AV Control System here, people begin to get anxious when thinking about having a meeting.

That is where Neets and their AV control systems come in. These devices are surging in popularity right now and are revolutionizing meeting rooms. That is because they act as the central hub for your meeting room. For instance, instead of searching through a pile of cables to find the right HDMI cable for your laptop, you simply carry your laptop in, and it is connected.

Once it is connected, the options are limitless. You can easily adjust the sound levels, sound channel, or mute certain individuals. You can choose which computer to display and what screen it displays to all within the control system.

And best of all, these control systems often require no special devices or connectors. You simply need to pair equipment to it via already existing cables or Bluetooth, and voila! This is the feature that most of their customers continue to rave about. The device is so simple that people are often feeling like they have mastered it after their first meeting!

If you feel like your meetings drag on due to technical difficulties or that your meeting room looks like a jungle with cables, it is time to upgrade. Start by having a quick look and their official website and you will see the benefits that one of their premium devices can provide to any meeting space.