Three Trending Remote Jobs

Three Trending Remote Jobs

Many people like the idea of working remotely. For some people, reliable transportation is an issue, or they may not have enough vehicles for everyone in the household to commute to separate jobs. Similarly, some folks wish to reduce their carbon footprint by not driving as much. Some people care for children or elderly relatives and just can’t commit to working a regular shift outside the home. And for those that may be in high school or college, working a remote job is more convenient for their schedule. Regardless of the reason why the idea is appealing to you, rest assured that there are many opportunities out there to fulfill your goal of working remotely.

1. Medical Billing and Coding

There are many good reasons to enter the medical billing and coding field. First, there are a favorable number of job opportunities, and forecasts for the future of medical careers are promising. Earning a position in this field requires certification. But earning an entry-level certificate can be accomplished in as little as four weeks and most people earn these certificates online. Once you earn an entry-level position, your employer may assist with the cost of earning additional certifications.

2. Customer Service

If you enjoy talking on the phone and helping people, you may consider a remote career in customer service. The appeal of this field is the variety of positions available. You may find a company that wants you to help people navigate their insurance claim process, or you may assist customers wanting to purchase a vehicle online. Companies need people across all time zones to be on call for their customers, and many companies have learned that hiring remote agents is advantageous to accomplish this goal. Think you don’t have any customer service experience? Many employers accept experience in retail, hospitality, and food service as satisfactory. Don’t count yourself out just because you think your prior work history may not be relevant. 

3. Data Entry

Data entry may be a more promising field for those less intrigued by the idea of talking on the phone, or for those who enjoy dealing with facts and figures. Companies looking for data entry associates are looking for reliable, detail-oriented individuals who don’t mind checking their work multiple times to get the entry correct the first time. Entry-level positions may require minimal experience, although some companies will ask you to prove your keyboarding skills by taking an online test. Don’t fret if your typing skills aren’t up to par. You can always practice online at sites with free typing tests. 

Whether you’re a social butterfly, a wallflower, or somewhere in between, a remote job is out there that will suit your skills and life experience. As with any job search, be sure to research the companies that interest you, and read online reviews from folks who have experience in the position for which you apply. There is a wealth of opportunity for people wishing to break into the remote job market. So polish that resume, check your internet connection, and begin that search.