Tips For Bulking For Bodybuilders

Tips For Bulking For Bodybuilders

Many bodybuilders use the bulking method to pack on muscle and increase body weight. However, it’s not an easy process and requires a lot of effort and consistency.

The foremost goal of bodybuilders is to build more muscles and become bulky. But not all are lucky enough to gain muscles and some folks find it hard to gain muscle as they don’t eat enough calories every day. 

The bulking process is tricky and people may make mistakes. If they are not being careful, they might end up with more fat than muscles. This blog includes the best tips for bulking so let’s check them out.

  • Train More

Training more often helps grow muscles faster without overloading the body in one go. For bigger leg muscles, you should do 16-20 sets for the hamstrings and quadriceps each week. One training session for the leg is not enough, but in case if you are going for once a week, do more sets in one session, which is too much. Instead, split it into 2-3 leg-focused workouts each week, with 5-6 sets for hamstrings and 5-6 sets for hamstrings in each.

  • Consume More Calories

During bulking season, one needs to consume more calories than normal. It’s simple logic, the more calories you eat, the more weight you gain. However, eating anything you crave isn’t the best solution, as it affects the speed and type of weight gained. To bulk wisely, you should eat things that promote muscle growth and reduce fat. Increase your calorie intake gradually and eat the right foods.

  • Sleep Eight Hours

A minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep each night is essential for any bodybuilder. This is good for the nervous system and adrenals. In addition to that sleep boosts hormone production and promotes muscle recovery.

  • Eat More Carbs

Eating carbs gives your body energy, both brain and muscles. People entering the bulking season should start with 2-3 grams of carbs for every pound of their body weight. Some good sources of carbs are pasta, potatoes, bread, grains, and rice.

Best Supplements For Bulking

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Bulking requires a strategic approach and by following these tips, you can achieve your body goals faster. It helps grow muscles while keeping fat gain in check during the bulking journey.