To Automate Branding and Content Production, STORI, a Georgian Startup, Has Raised $500,000

To Automate Branding and Content Production, STORI, a Georgian Startup, Has Raised $500,000

With the help of a group of angel investors, STORI, a Georgian martech firm that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automate branding and content development, announced today that it has raised $500,000 in a Pre-Seed fundraising round sponsored by technology accelerator fund 500 Global.

This will allow STORI to keep expanding its ecosystem of tools for brand and content development, which let marketing teams and agencies easily build distinctive social media posts and comprehensive brand identities.

Quality content alone won’t be enough to reach social media’s large audiences; you also need to know when to post, which platforms to use, and what hashtags to employ. Not surprisingly, 24% of marketers claim to have difficulty producing content that generates leads.

STORI’s algorithms, on the other hand, analyze every post and tailor content creation for every user, which resolves this issue. With the support of the funds, STORI will be able to expand its own marketing initiatives and better inform teams about the advantages of its cutting-edge technologies.

According to 35% of marketers, the biggest obstacle in the industry is ineffective team communication. For this reason, STORI intends to enhance its research and development budget. As a result, new collaboration capabilities will be developed that allow agencies and teams as a whole to collaborate inside a common ecosystem.

The firm, which has maintained a 20 percent month-over-month user increase since its launch in 2023, has seen a period of tremendous expansion culminating in this fundraising round.

Since its launch, the STORI platform has helped create over 3,000 brands and 65,000 social media posts, drawing users from over 110 countries, the majority of whom are in important markets like the US and Europe. This indicates the overwhelming demand for automation tools in the marketing industry.