To Boost Brazil’s Gig Economy, Fintech Company Trampay Receives a $250K Investment

To Boost Brazil’s Gig Economy, Fintech Company Trampay Receives a $250K Investment

The funding came from Potencia Ventures, a company renowned for encouraging creative solutions in the gig economy, according to a Latam List report.

Offering low-interest microloans, job perks, and personal financial services to Brazilian gig workers is Trampay’s primary goal. Trampay’s dedication to offering long-term income opportunities helps this group, which is sometimes neglected by conventional financial institutions. Trampay provides gig workers with access to necessary financial services, meeting their demands and enabling them to better manage their earnings.

With the additional investment, Trampay has set high standards for growth and innovation. The startup intends to use the funds to upgrade its technology infrastructure, add physical payment methods like credit and debit cards, and dramatically increase the number of its users.

Trampay CEO Jorge Junior expressed excitement about the impact of the investment in a statement that reflected the company’s vision and future goals: “Since joining Potencia UP, we have grown 7x.” Our aim with the investment is to hire 50,000 gig workers.

Itali Collini, Principal at Potencia Ventures, added, “As part of the lower-income class in Brazil, app delivery drivers often do not qualify for credit lines. With Trampay, the driver can receive payment for deliveries made on the same day, allowing expenses for food, fuel, and maintenance to be covered as needed.”