To support Indian health startups, the government launched the MedTech Mitra

To support Indian health startups, the government launched the MedTech Mitra

The Indian government has taken a significant step forward by assisting health startups in the nation through the launch of the MedTech Mitra platform. The goal is to employ fewer foreign-made medical devices and strengthen domestic health startups. Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya described MedTech Mitra as a mentorship programme for young people during the launch event. It will help them in their academic endeavors and facilitate obtaining approval for their concepts.

Minister Mandaviya praised India’s innovative entrepreneurs and sharp minds. He believes that India can become a developed nation and stand on its own if provide them with adequate assistance.

He brought up the fact that many of the medical equipment used in India these days is imported. There is roughly 80% volume. The government wants to support domestic production of high-quality, more affordable medical instruments. They want us to depend less on other nations for these crucial necessities.

According to Minister Mandaviya, the Indian medical device market might be valued $50 billion by 2030. He believes that government initiatives that promote manufacturing and investment in healthcare facilities make this feasible.

He added that medical device technology is evolving rapidly. He covered a wide range of topics, including robotics, smart computers, and tiny technology. He believes that India can lead the world in implementing these innovative concepts.

V.K. Paul discussed how MedTech Mitra can support creators by testing and ensuring that new devices adhere to regulations. The goal is to facilitate innovation, research, and support the concept of an independent India (Atmanirbhar Bharat) for startups.