Top 5 Differences between Lab-Grown Diamonds and Natural diamonds

Top 5 Differences between Lab-Grown Diamonds and Natural diamonds

When it comes to choosing between the most precious metals, you become confused, but it’s always the diamond you pick in most cases. However, diamonds also have differences in their types. Lab-grown and natural diamonds are two kinds of diamonds you will find. 

Among them, people mostly prefer lab-grown diamonds though they are made in the laboratory. You may not clearly find any visible differences in lab-grown and natural diamonds. But they are different in cut, clarity, reflection, value, and other factors.

This article will show you some significant differences to give you a clear idea about lab-grown and natural diamonds. 

Sustainability: Usually, you might think that natural diamonds are more sustainable than lab-grown ones. But the thing is you get a more sustainable diamond when it’s lab-grown. Natural diamonds are not sustainable and durable since they are naturally made and mined by the manufacturer. 

If you talk about the quality, you get a high-quality diamond from lab created diamonds Sydney. And there should be no compromise in the quality if you are about to invest such a significant amount.

Different Growing Duration: Natural diamonds and lab-grown diamonds possess two different durations to grow or manufacture. It takes about millions to billions of years to naturally produce natural diamonds. 

The procedure is also natural, created by corrosion, erosion, collision, and other earthly occurrences underneath. You don’t see the process, but you get the final masterpiece. Therefore, natural diamonds are so valuable and different from lab-grown ones.

On the other hand, lab-created diamonds take only about a few weeks to grow in the laboratory with a professional’s assistance. You may think they are synthetic diamonds, but they are also pure diamonds.

Colour Difference: Natural diamonds are naturally made diamonds and therefore, you get only the natural colourless gemstone from it. Natural diamonds have no variety of colour contrast. On the other hand, lab created diamonds blog talks about the type of colours you can get from lab-grown diamonds.

From baby pink to light yellow, green, blue, and other colours are available in lab-grown diamonds. And they all are excellent in hues, contrast, and colour scheme.

Value Difference: The most significant difference between lab-grown and natural diamonds is the value difference. Lab-grown diamonds are usually affordable, but you can barely afford a natural diamond. It has substantial reasons. First, you get the natural diamond after being processed for billions of years. But, lab-made diamonds are made within only 3-6 weeks. So, you can tell the preciousness of this gemstone.

Inclusion Difference: Lab-grown diamonds are generally created in a molten metal process. Therefore, you will get no metallic inclusions in the lab-grown diamonds. You have to identify that gemstone’s inclusions with a magnifying glass. But, in most cases, you will not find any.

On the other hand, natural diamonds are filled with inclusions like cloud, crystal, feathers, and other earthly inclusions. Since the genuine diamonds are grown underneath the earth for billions of years, what more do you expect from?