Top Tips For Success In The Forex Market: With Djordje Novakovic

Top Tips For Success In The Forex Market: With Djordje Novakovic

Forex expert Djordje Novakovic is an entrepreneur who has helped more than 2000 individuals achieve their goals and aspirations. In a recent interview with Djordje, he revealed some tips he’s used over the years to combat stress and achieve success as an entrepreneur. Let’s have a look;

Dodging The Stress

How can one avoid the stress that comes with being an entrepreneur and run a successful business at the same time? This is an age-old question that has plagued countless minds.

During the interview, Djordje shares that stress shouldn’t be a problem, that’s if you learn how to enjoy the simple things in life such as spending time with quality people such as your family and your friends.

“Don’t hang out with tons of people, just find that right one that will bring you real value and won’t use you.” – Says Djordje.

Apart from this, Djordje recommends that you engage in fun activities such as bowling, go-karting, basically anything to take your mind off stress.

Ensuring There is Growth

A company with no growth is a dead company. Djordje ensures that every day is a day to learn new things and open new windows in his trading space. He recently approached famous influencers in France who want to democratize online trading.

They have a vision of enabling their followers to male money online using their smartphones and computers. “I have been working with most of the biggest rappers in France,” he says. He is working with BabyDriver, the second most famous influencer in France on Snapchat. “We are mainly active on Snapchat and Instagram.”

“Working with BabyDriver impressed Djordje because he is an icon in the French community. He also has characters that fit a trader. He is honest and loves hanging out with celebrities and traveling the world.” Djordje says as he explains the reason for choosing BabyDriver.

Motivation !

“Whenever I see someone achieving his dream of becoming financially free, I feel an awesome feeling which becomes like a drug for me. It is like a mission to unbound all people who are chained by the financial instability manacles.” Djordje says.