Topping the chart with solo ‘Far Away’ is Multitalented Artist and Music Producer Haig Bakhtiarian.

Topping the chart with solo ‘Far Away’ is Multitalented Artist and Music Producer Haig Bakhtiarian.



He has written many hits in the past few years but solo ‘Far Away’ cements his place in the list of top artists is Haig Bhakhtiarian.


Isn’t it awesome to learn about all those people who believe in always going under the struggle and emerging as self-made sensation stories? Well, the planet is filled with many such wonderful professionals and people across various fields. Many shine brighter because of the intelligent choices they make along with their voyages and in their careers. We saw the noticeable rise of high-performing artist and Music producer Haig Bakhtiarian, who, with his latest song, “Far Away,” tries to blaze brightly in the already competitive industry. This particular solo piece has helped him take a step ahead in the music industry as a musical artist and profound music producer. It has given him more confidence to move forward shortly.


“Far Away” is not just another song in the tuning space today, nor is it yet another mediocre track of the 2022 first half of the season. In fact, it is a fantastic new single by Haig Bakhtiarian, who tends to strike a chord with people’s souls and instantaneously make them fall in love with the same.


He is a self-taught artist and now becoming a successful musician with his solo songs. He is an artist who can’t wait to create many such songs like Far Away that have a special note behind them and can enthrall his fans in ways more than one.


Far away can seem too plain a word for people, but it has been made with many spirits and thought behind it, proving the superiority of the upcoming singer and Music Producer.


Far away definitely will run for a longer time on various music charts in the coming months. It is taking Haig Bakhtiarian towards the top of the music space. It is a song that can stay for long on the charts and in the minds and hearts of listeners.