Toronto DJ Anthony Sorella is Making a Name for Himself Across Career Fields

Toronto DJ Anthony Sorella is Making a Name for Himself Across Career Fields

Anthony Sorella has built his career, to this point, on taking risks and using the confidence he’s gained over the past years to try new things. From his career as a promoter in the Toronto club scene, to founding marketing firms and beginning his career in music, Sorella is doing all he can to make a name for himself and help other along the way.

“Growing up I was tone deaf. Maybe I still am, but I have always had a sense for beats and rhythm,” recalls Sorella. Anthony Sorella has spent years as a DJ, but just recently has he began releasing tracks as a production artist. His musical career, though, isn’t about telling deep stories or sharing his meaningful experiences, but rather serves as a tribute to everyone who inspired him in career as a promoter. “I don’t know if I think in ‘takeaways’ but I want my music to keep the party going in a chill way.”

With three singles already released and a full-length album nearly finished, Sorella’s sonics and aesthetic are to pay homage to all those people who inspired him. “I love those people. Party for hours and still have energy for more. I’d love to create a whole album dedicated to them.” That is exactly what Sorella is planning to do with his upcoming album, P4r7y D0nt St4hp. Meant as a tribute to who Sorella refers to as “afterhours rock star”, his debut album is self-described as “something you can listen to that isn’t totally hyped but doesn’t end the party even when the club is closed.” P4r7y D0nt St4hp is set for release on January 1st, 2021 and will serve as the perfect way to bring in the new year after the night’s celebrations.

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