Toyota releases GT3 concept vehicle

Toyota releases GT3 concept vehicle

Toyota is set to enter the universe of GT3 dashing in the wake of praising the arrival of a concept vehicle focused on client programs.

“TGR is committed to further accelerating customer motorsports activities to make the world of motorsports sustainable,” read a Toyota Gazoo Racing announcement.

“Promoting “driver first” car development and with a desire to provide attractive cars that customers participating in GT3, which is the pinnacle of customer motorsports, would choose, TGR has unveiled the GR GT3 Concept.

“As was the case with the GR Yaris, by commercialising motorsports cars rather than simply adapting production vehicles for use in motorsports, TGR intends to use feedback and technologies refined through participation in various motorsports activities to develop both GT3 and mass-production cars and further promote making ever-better motorsports-bred cars.”

TGR additionally uncovered a restricted release GRMN Yaris for the Japanese client market.

“The development of the GRMN Yaris began with the desire of Morizo, president Toyoda to “deliver cars to customers that evolve quickly and can be tailored to individuals like in the field of motorsports”,” the statement explained.

“In addition to having refined the vehicle together with professional drivers as a fully tuned model of the GR Yaris, a new program is to be activated that will deliver to customers the type of daily vehicle evolution and driver-tailored customisation that takes place in motorsports.”

The advancements come as Toyota additionally seems set to enter TCR contest with a Corolla model.