Troy Bronson Is Inspiring Everyone with His Creativity And Real-life Struggles

Troy Bronson Is Inspiring Everyone with His Creativity And Real-life Struggles

Troy Bronson is a professional photographer, writer, music producer, philanthropist, and artist. Currently, he is majoring in Media Studies at the University of California, Berkeley. He is actively engaged in various other creative work as well, including his collaboration with an Oscar-nominated animated film director, Bastien Dubois, as a photographer and location scouts. He travelled around 34 countries so far in his professional career. 

Victory Against All Odds

Troy was left abandoned when he was just one. It was his kind-hearted grandma who then nurtured the young Bronson and infused the right level of thinking and life lessons inside him. It helped Bronson fight against the hardship of life and become a true victor. Bronson’s life made a complete U-turn when he had left Mexico for a better future in the States (where he was born). Upon reaching the US, his good academic performance eventually helped in chiselling his career.

Troy Bronson: A True Inspiration

“I want to help the underprivileged section of society across the world. I know how poverty and impoverishment can shatter one’s dream. Youths need to get on to the right platform to prove their talents and skills. I wish to help them fulfil their dreams,” said Troy Bronson. Troy Bronson has recently launched his new non fiction book, Station 2020: Journey Unfathomable. He has creatively reflected his thoughts and perception of the year 2020. It was a mess, indeed. But it offered enormous opportunities as well. The book is already available on Amazon in both Kindle, Paperback format and Audio Book.

“I dedicated this book to my 19-year-old self who couldn’t communicate in English apart from saying, ‘Hello, how are you!’ It challenged me to master English, and now, I am happy that I could accomplish my goal,” Troy Bronson Stated at a recent media interaction.   

Interestingly, the book covers several aspects of human life amidst the COVID-19 pandemic with a refreshing perspective. It discusses unprecedented coronavirus deaths, the hardship of life, job losses, retrenchment, political crises, and several other problems that people had no idea about. It’s necessary to not give up or lose hope during an unfavourable situation. Because success always follows after a struggle!

The Future Ahead

As an artist, writer, and music producer, Troy Bronson is a firm believer in philanthropy. He encourages people to see the brighter side of life and focus on each other’s positive sides. Troy Bronson’s life struggles have made him even more optimistic and hopeful of life. Currently, Troy Bronson is based in the US. However, he had to travel across the globe for his international photography-related assignment, and possible DJ gigs.