“Tu Mejor Amigo,” a Mexican startup, plans to raise USD $400,000 to improve pet care

“Tu Mejor Amigo,” a Mexican startup, plans to raise USD $400,000 to improve pet care

Currently in a thrilling stage of growth, Tu Mejor Amigo, a creative business based in Mexico, is nearing completion in its efforts to obtain a US$400,000 investment to improve its distinctive pet walking and care service. This amount promises to support a notion that satisfies owners’ requirements to preserve their furry friends’ well-being despite the pressures of modern life in a world where pets are increasingly seen as essential members of families.

Tu Mejor Amigo was established in early 2023 as a response to the individual challenges that visionary Argentines Ignacio Poli, Federico Aracre, and their fellow countryman Ignacio Zanotto encountered when taking care of their pets. With a subscription model that covers everything from daily walks to veterinary care, they guarantee total internal control over logistics and operations while providing their customers with services of the highest caliber.

Platanus Ventures provided Tu Mejor Amigo with a huge cash injection of USD $250,000 through its acceleration program, thereby significantly bolstering the company’s future. This fund, which has been backed by well-known investors in the startup scene, has been essential to the business’s early growth.

Following an impressive presentation during the program’s Demo Day on October 24, the pet technology company is closing a $400,000 investment round for November. According to Aracre, “This additional capital will be essential to continue perfecting our operations and the technology that supports our service,” reports Aracre.

The company’s primary goal right now is to establish itself in Mexico City, where it believes there is a sizable pet market (around 80 million). Prior to expanding into other regions, Aracre places a strong emphasis on optimizing its product-market fit in Mexico.

While Aracre acknowledges that regional development is not a pressing matter, he believes that Tu Mejor Amigo may consider strategically pursuing the vast and auspicious Brazilian market in the longer run, when the company has a strong foothold in Mexico. He projects an expansion plan for three years from now. With the help of this action plan, the firm presents itself as a bright example of business innovation and adaptation in addition to being a prospective participant in the pet care industry in Latin America.