Turn The Thinkium Public Blockchain Growth Flywheel

Turn The Thinkium Public Blockchain Growth Flywheel

What is a Thinkium Flywheel?

Thinkium is an all-around public blockchain network, which achieves unlimited scalability at a linear cost by running through a multi-layer multi-chain structure and integrating Layer1 + Layer2 technologies.

“Thinkium flywheel” reflects the ecological development rhythm of Thinkium public chain, which is mainly composed of three flywheels and six elements.

The three flywheels are Technology Drive Wheel (TCN), Application Drive Wheel (AUCT) and Financial Drive Wheel (FAU). The interrelationship of several elements in each flywheel represents the cyclic promotion of development.

The six elements are Technology, Community Consensus, Application, User and Finance.

How does the Thinkium Flywheel work?

1. A technology-driven growth flywheel

Advanced technology attracted early community partners to join in, creating an early community consensus.

2. Application-driven growth flywheel

The richness of the scenarios attracted more users to use them, leading to a broader consensus in this new world of trusted digital applications.

3. Financially-driven growth flywheel

The value of the application itself or the goods and services on the application constitutes a benign input of the value of digital assets, which enables some users to participate in a series of financial scenarios, such as trading, lending and financing.

The secret weapon of Thinkium flywheel keeps turning

Explicit choice

Thinkium public chain did not “choose” ICO (Initial Coin Offerings) to raise capital. What Thinkium public chain chose was a more healthy and stable development path — positioning as the underlying infrastructure of blockchain, building more nodes and practicing more applications while updating technologies. Let the ecology of Thinkium public chain gradually prosperous.

Strong willpower

With an “explicit choice” basis, each link in the Thinkium public chain flywheel will gather every kinetic energy, unswervingly promote the rotation of the Thinkium flywheel.

Now, the Thinkium flywheel has been turned, based on the community consensus of Thinkium, while building nodes, while doing applications, “two legs” balanced development forward.

With the increase of the number of nodes and the gradual prosperity of the Thinkium ecology, the Thinkium flywheel will rotate faster and faster, and finally form a continuous and stable rotation situation.