Twitter is attempting to prevent tweets from disappearing as you read them

Twitter intends to address a longstanding complaint individuals have had with its mobile application. In the event that you utilize the product often, you might have seen tweets will at times disappear from see similarly as you’re partially through reading one. You witness this when your timetable refreshes and it happens regularly when there are a many individuals replying to a single tweet.

“We know it’s a frustrating experience, so we’re working on changing it,” the company said, adding that it plans to roll out a variety of updates over the next two months to address the issue. Twitter didn’t detail what those changes will look like but promised they will keep your timeline fresh while preventing tweets from disappearing as you’re reading them.

Twitter has been repeating on new features at an expanded clip in recent months. For example, the organization recently said it would start testing a tool for removing followers at some point this month. Twitter likewise recently started moving its Communities feature to clients.