Upcric: India’s First Sports NFT Trading Platform

Upcric: India’s First Sports NFT Trading Platform

With the rise and acceptance of NFTs in India, it was obvious that soon every sports fan in the country would be searching for a place to invest, own, trade, and earn on sports NFTs. The search might have come to an end with Upcric: India’s First Sports NFT Trading Platform.

Let us get started by addressing the elephant in the room. The biggest concern that new users experience in stepping into the world of NFTs is a very simple one – they do not understand how the entire operation works, and how NFTs look and worry about their NFTs losing its value altogether. That is where Upcric has taken the initiative to help users with the same as NFTs can be bought and sold to the platform, creating instant monetization opportunities.

What are NFTs and Sports NFTs

So before we proceed, let us answer one question for people who are new to the world of NFTs. No matter which part of the world you live in, if you have access to the internet and social media, there is a great chance that you have come across the term NFT. NFT, or Non-fungible tokens, are nothing more than digital assets. Think of them as asserts that pertain to things that exist in the real world which can be categorized into art, music, items, pictures in games, and videos.

When it comes to sports, collectibles have been something that has existed for a long long time. Be it autographs or jerseys, collectors have always prided themselves on owning the most unique pieces of sporting history. While Diego Maradona’s jersey from the Hand of God game was sold for a massive $9.3 million (approx ₹76 crores), Micheal Jordan’s jersey from the 1998 NBA finals was sold for over $10 million (approx ₹82 crores). However, it is a mint condition baseball card bearing Mickey Mantle’s face that holds the current record for the most expensive piece of memorabilia as it was acquired for an astonishing $12.6 million (approx ₹104 crores).

As NFTs became more popular across the internet, they have obviously crept into the world of sports as well – aka Sports NFTs. Much like the original jerseys or signed photos of historic moments, they are assets – the only difference being that they are digital. However, just as signed jerseys or trading cards can be verified, these digital assets are unique and verifiable on the blockchain. Sports NFTs can be anything from digital trading sports cards to sporting moments, digital caricature images, work of art, and different kinds of items that relate to sports.

Upcric’s Sports NFTs

Now that we have a basic understanding of what NFTs are, let us discuss the best sports NFT platform in India – Upcric. They have decided to use their expertise to create the best and safest Sports NFT Trading platform in India to enhance the match-watching experience for fans of the sport. While you back your favorite team, or player, to perform and win, you can buy NFT Units, which are customized and curated across categories like player NFTs, Team NFTs, and NFTs for events within each game.

Upcric, basically, allows a user to not only own some extremely cool NFTs but also allows the user to place trades and earn a profit on different events within the match, using their knowledge of sports. Users can invest, and trade across different categories within each game, depending on their opinion and they are rewarded with NFTs which are automatically sold back to Upcric, at a profit (which is also called potential payout), if their opinion is correct. Or it remains stored in their account, in case the opinion and the outcome of the specific trading market are different from your opinion. Much like the trading cards and other collectibles from the past, users will have the option to actually play around with their assets with one key difference. They will not have to worry about the asset losing its value because of not being in mint condition later on.

How does Upcric’s Sports NFT Platform work

Upcric- India’s only platform to trade sports-based NFT

At Upcric, we offer you a niche concept, easy to use with a secured environment 

All you need to do is follow the below-mentioned steps and upgrade your Trading experience

1) Signup on upcric.io

2) Explore multiple trading options (across sporting events) & their respective pay out

3) Make use of your sports acumen & start trading in NFTs of your favourite sport, events, players

4) See your NFT trade get published on the blockchain

So all you need to do is log in to Upcric and join the best sports NFT platform in India. Trading in Sports NFTs is thrilling and presents a huge scope of profitability at the same time.