USA Entrepreneur Damian Williams: Founder and Creative Director of Diesels Group

USA Entrepreneur Damian Williams: Founder and Creative Director of Diesels Group

Diesels Group is a multi-dimension Marketing, Branding & Consulting Company servicing the Entertainment and Commercial Industry throughout the East to West Coast Region. After being established in 2006, Diesels Group has developed into an innovative multi-media marketing firm.

Through photography, video production, online media, web-solution, and custom branding Diesels Group has brought their clients visions to a reality. Diesels Group has an in-house multi-media team with over 10 years of experiences that can work closely with the client to ensure satisfaction. Their clientele ranges from entertainment artists/talent, clothing brands, and some of today’s leading grassroots ventures.

Clients such as Les Vertes Yacht Club clothing & Millions Wear Clothing, an up-coming premium clothing line from Miami, Fl, have reaped the benefits of Diesel Group with their 2009 Miami Grassroots campaign, which caused their product awareness to double, and increase brand credibility.
Other company’s such as EWatch, the first Ipod mp4 watch, has been able to gain new height when the product was pitch to 7x Grammy Award nominee rapper, Lil Wayne, and the rest has been history since. Diesels Group has also been partial owners with Faneera Wheels, a prestigious Rim Line, which was shopped to Reggae Super-Star Sean Kingston, and immediately endorsed by the Pop sensation. The relationship between Sean Kingston and Diesels group continued to thrive for the future.

Black Art Beer has been another company that Diesels Group put under their roster by creating an entertainment presence thru event planning and marketing campaigns to ensure maximum exposure for the company. Diesels Group and Black Art Beer worked closely together to implement Marketing strategies thru culture, art and fashion product placement. The two company’s goal for the imported beer is securing global distribution, and so far their goal was accomplished.

Diesels Group is built on the foundation of working diligently with strong work ethics towards success, trends setting and making a name for their clients. Diesels Group knows that being competitive in this current marketplace will either make or break you, and that’s why their aggressive marketing tactics will out shine their competition.