USB-C is going to get an amazing upgrade

USB-C is going to get an amazing upgrade

There ought to be new links and gadgets accessible this year that help the new USB specification enabling 240 watts, more increasing the limit of the present 100-watt USB-C cables.

As ZDNet sister site CNET reports, the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) uncovered the 240 watt capacity for USB-C links and connectors in USB-C Release 2.1 and the USB Power Delivery (USB PD) Revision 3.1 specification.

The more powerful range implies that USB-C will actually want to help bigger workstations for gaming, docking stations, 4K monitors and printers. USB-C has oval ports and reversible links, supporting phones, tablets and PCs.

“With the new capabilities of USB Power Delivery 3.1, we now enable higher power products such as larger notebook PCs to shift from traditional power connectors to USB Type-C,” said Brad Saunders, USB Promoter Group chairman.

“We also anticipate a wider range of product application developers outside of the traditional USB ecosystem to now consider standardizing on USB Type-C with USB PD power their power needs.”

USB-IF revealed to CNET that gadgets supporting higher wattages ought to be accessible in the second half of this current year.

The 240-watt USB-C variant is called Extended Power Range (EPR) and products with this will be needed to have icons that inform the client that a cable supports up to 240W.

In any case, it likewise implies there will be new lower-power cables called Standard Power Range (SPR). Cables will be distinguished as usable for SPR just while others will be usable for SPR and EPR, as per the specification.

USB Power Delivery Revision 3.1 specification incorporates the ability to give up to 48 V and 240 W of power.

With the higher power option, the USB-IF has given manufacturers advice on how they can prevent an electrical current arcing through the air between the USB-C fitting and port when clients unplug a gadget.