Valton Jackson Is Glowing With Talent

Valton Jackson Is Glowing With Talent

Talent has been defined as the natural aptitude or skill possessed by an individual. Most imagine artists to be among those with true talent to put on display, including singers, actors and musicians.  Artists have an inherent ability to connect with individuals around them through action, a rare occurrence that stimulates an improvement to the quality of life by enhancing the mood of their viewers. Artists today have the ability to uplift the spirits of a hurting society through good music and genuine interactions. Occasionally, a special individual comes around which ecompasses all of those skills, such as 35 year old Valton Jackson of Columbus, GA. 

Jackson’s passion for performance began after attaining a BA in Theatre from Berea College, one of the many stepping stones he used to improve his impact. Jackson has found success in a number of industries including theatre, modeling and singing. This multifaceted approach to his projects has allowed him to create connections with fans that goes beyond the passion he puts into his performances. 

The New York based artist released his debut track “Can’t Get Next 2 U” in 2015 and has been climbing the charts ever since. His fun and amorous demeanor allows Valton to captivate his audience by creating an inclusive connection with his listeners. Jackson recently put his varied talent on display through his latest EP ‘Shirtless: The Remixes’. The EP includes a concise intro followed by three distinct remixes and a remastered version of the  song ‘Shirtless’. ‘Shirtless: The Remixes’ has allowed Jackson to showcase his immense versatility by blending elements of multiple music genres to create a mesmerizing experience for his listeners. 

Not only is Valton Jackson a well-known singer/songwriter, he has implemented successful entrepreneurial skills to help reach an even greater audience on social media. Like many others, Valton dreamed of using his online presence for the greater good of his career and likeliness. After amassing thousands of followers across social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, Jackson decided to expand his reach and economic potential. In 2018, Jackson launched a venture into OnlyFans, a platform which allows individuals and fans to get to know him on an interpersonal level, by 2020, he saw massive success on the platform.Follow Valton Jackson on Spotify and Instagram to know more about this artist and his music.

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