Veteran stunned with Chevy Cruze at LSU baseball season opener

Veteran stunned with Chevy Cruze at LSU baseball season opener

LSU baseball players took the field at Alex Box Stadium Friday night out of the blue this season. Be that as it may, what occurred before the game additionally had fans cheering. A veteran got a huge gift, one that amounted to more than $20,000.

“I never would have expected it in a million years,” said former Army Staff Sergeant Kevin Kirby.

What Kirby was expecting was to toss the first pitch of the game, yet that wasn’t all. The Super Chevy Dealers and GallantFew Charity astonished Kirby with a spic and span, 100 percent payment-free Chevrolet Cruze.

“I haven’t processed it yet,” said Kirby.

Kirby joined the Army in 1993, serving two terms, and continues to serve as a Baton Rouge police officer.

“Some of us enjoy it, and love it. To get appreciated back home makes it even better,” said Kirby.

The gift was displayed on the night where every military members were perceived before the baseball game. Appreciation is what those gifting the car say is needed.

“To be able to help educate the public and remind them of the sacrifice and service that the men and women are giving in the military today,” said GallantFew Charity Executive Director Karl Monger.

GallantFew helps veterans transition from active duty to civilian life.