Video 4.0 talks about his new release “Ain’t My Fault” and its Inspiration

Video 4.0 talks about his new release “Ain’t My Fault” and its Inspiration

Based out of Orlando, Florida, Video 4.0 is a multifaceted craftsman, vocalist, maker, and entertainer, who makes one of a kind music. He is likewise a pleased writer of 3 distributed books. With his energetic and crude music, Video is prepared to assume control over the music business in an opportunity to follow. Either with his music discharges or his dramatic exhibitions, Video never neglects to interest and engage his fans with stunning music.

After effectively setting up his name in the business, Video is discharging one incredible track after another. His most recent discharge “Ain’t my Fault” is simply one more plume in the craftsman’s top, and there are a lot more to come. “Ain’t my Fault” is in a joint effort with a skilled craftsman Versoul. Subsequent to conversing with Versoul, Video felt a tick with her swag and vibe, and he in a flash realized that this joint effort is going to end up being productive and worth the time. This track has an exceptionally intriguing foundation story to it. It is about how, Video met a young lady and confused her with simply one more young lady, while there was a great deal more to her. His musings switched when she opened up to him, and let out her life loaded with battles before him. This occurrence caused him to understand that we should never frame a partiality against anybody without knowing their genuine stories — And never pass judgment superficially.

“Ain’t my Fault” is an ideal amalgamation of charming beats and free-streaming vocals. This melody will make the world see the genuine aptitudes and capacities of the craftsman to make crude and dumbfounding music. Telling about his melodic excursion, Video 4.0 says, “The excursion has had it’s an ideal opportunity to develop. I committed a few errors en route. I don’t lament any, as I didn’t have numerous individuals in the business helping me. So it’s been experimentation. In any case, to me, that is the best part, the excursion. I love to think back to where I began, just to perceive how far I’ve come. Also, I’m dazzled inevitably. I’ve discovered that you must be your own greatest fan first in the event that you hope to acquire.”

Video’s adored mother has been a consistent wellspring of motivation for him, who confided in him with his natural music-production aptitudes, and inspired him to push forward with it. Being encircled by a family brimming with artists likewise had its impact in pushing him more towards his objective.

Video 4.0 likes to portray his music style as road coarseness idyllic ability type word usage stream of music, with a trace of cognizant narrating. He gets Miami style conveyance with his music and execution.

Video 4.0 urges his fans to remain tuned for his up and coming music that is going to deeply inspire them.

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