Village Pitched ’empty-nester’ Projects for Newark-Granville Road

Village Pitched ’empty-nester’ Projects for Newark-Granville Road

This is an Institution which deals with projects and it has two development projects at hand now one for medical and the other one is for residential community which would need annexation from Granville township to the village.

The president and the CEO of the organization made a presentation to the council of a proposed medical facility. He said that the $5.3 million orthpedics and sports facility would bring significant health care to Granville and would also be a potential sports medicine provider for Granville and other area student athletes.The CEO also said that they are working so hard to make the organization not to look like an institution. He also added that the project has recent planning approval from commission of building and was reduced from two storey to one and has been given a new look of rural view with more natural lights.

While addressing council`s increasing concerns about mounting traffic  and development impacts, he noted that patient traffic would be staggered by nature itself and release arrivals of staff concerned with designs. This health project is being opposed by a residential plan where most people prefer the residential building compared to the health one.This drew more concerns and while addressing the concerns the CEO said that bringing up a residential would mean that one car will be added into the traffic after every 5 minutes and that thee two-bedroom apartment would mean restrictions to ensure the resulting units conform and fit to the stated plans.

The main objective of this project is to reach a CEDA that would layout terms and guidelines for an effort to dedicate Ohio 16 corridor for research and technology. It was agreed between stakeholders and the locals that the government must determine it`s `must haves` and `cant`t have in the agreement and come into a common agreement between locals and the investors.

In a meeting of board of education, it was agreed to have a commercial plan working there instead of residential plan. The discussions and debate about what shall be brought up as the final project is still on going and a final decision has not been arrived at.