Vipul Gupta- The budding director of the industry

Vipul Gupta- The budding director of the industry

There are thousands of reasons for you to give up but there is only one reason to keep going. It is often seen that people very easily quit and throw the blame on the situations around them. Taking the current example people are failing to achieve their set targets due to their lathargic behaviour and then instead of taking responsibility for it they just tend to blame the whole thing on the widespread coronavirus. But this debut walks differently from the others.

Vipul Gupta, an extremely skilled and flourishing director is the han form of determinaro and a never give up attitude. He has shown the world that what so ever the condition may be, achieving success is possible. This talented young man, was born and raised in Indore. He then moved to Mumbai and worked as an assistant choreographer for many renowned and famous producers from the past six years. These six years were the time when he learned the art of direction and choreography. Vipul perfect his vision and skills by working on various projects. He understood that this period of work was a crucial time for him to improve and perfect the art of direction.

Apart from direction, Vipul Gupta has a wide array of experience in working in various other areas. He has been a significant part of reality shows, many famous television commercials, digital commercials, regional and national level songs all being in the post of an assistant director. The appreciable fact here is that he valued his learning process and worked very hard in all the projects. Vipul takes immense care of the integrity of each and every project he worked on and made sure to invest his all in them. The cherished qualities show the determination and focus of a person towards his work and it clearly speaks a lot about Vipul Gupta.

This being stated, it becomes clear now that Vipul Gupta is a person with wonderous capabilities and he proved this with his first debut direction project-  a beautiful song “Aao Na” sung by Bhamini Jha, This song is released on Zee Music. Vipul Gupta directed the song and Paranox was the producer. Working with  big shots of the music industry is a huge accomplishment for Vipul and his team. The plausible fact here is that this song has been shot in bare minimum resources and during this dangerous time of the widespread coronavirus.  He proved that nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams if you are determined enough to cross all hurdles in life.

A renowned personality Charlie Chauhan, an Indian Actress and lyricist, popularly known for playing the role of Ela in the teen drama Best Friends Forever and Mukti Vardhan in the popular youth show Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan immensely praised Vipul Gupta for his amazingly refined and appealing work and also wished him all the best for his upcoming projects. The appreciation from these well-known personalities is proof that Vipul Gupta is already on his way to permanent mark in the industry and leave a worthy impression on everyone.

When asked about the challenges faced while shooting the song Vipul Gupta said, “ It’s a very amazing and refreshing song. I thoroughly enjoyed the process and it was challenging at the same time as we had to shoot it in very limited resources and manpower. It’s my directorial debut and I’m happy that I have made it despite all the challenges.”

Vipul Gupta is a director clearly on his way to leave a mark on the industry. His extreme level of resolve towards his work strengthened him to direct his debut even in the availability of bare minimum resource.

He is an undoubted inspiration for millions of people who gave up because of the recent situation. He teaches everyone that the only thing required to achieve your dream and accomplish success in your life is to be constantly focused towards your goal no matter what the obstacle be, you need to and have to keep improving.