Virginia native ΤΔZ tīˈkoon is making waves with her new EP .WAV Goddess!

Virginia native ΤΔZ tīˈkoon is making waves with her new EP .WAV Goddess!

ΤΔZ tīˈkoon is a multitalented entrepreneur and visual artist known for her lyricism and savvy business moves. Taz often has to juggle a lot of different projects; and her stage name is a true representation of the role she plays as an artist and a boss! After the success of her former EP Mentally Ill, where she opened up about her struggles with depression and anxiety, Taz wanted to introduce listeners to a different side of herself. “I no longer want to be defined by one aspect of my life; I want to be formless and shapeless like water. WAV Goddess, is a creative collection of five songs all centered around water. “This EP was inspired to take people on a journey with me, while experiencing different forms of life and adapting to different environments and circumstances, just like water.” As a native of Hampton, VA water was a huge part of Taz’s upbringing. Whether listeners crave an upbeat tune or a more lyrical sound, the project will satisfy both audiences. The pristine production beautifully uplifts her impressive abilities as the artist embraces her melodic variety with style and grace. Taz coproduced each record on .WAV Goddess and she’s currently producing and writing songs for other artists.

“The songs are faultless and are equipped with original sound and sonic elements that flow rhythmically to sound incredibly addictive. Her infectious vocals are on point in terms of contemporary hip-hop and please the audience with its refreshing vibes.” In Virginia, they say there must be “Something in the Water”….& we’re sure it’s the .WAV Goddess Taz Tikoon! Keep up with Taz on all social media platforms @tazmaniashow & visit TazTikoon. Be like water and download .WAV Goddess on all streaming platforms now!

.WAV Goddess

 .WAV Goddess Tracklist

1. Holy Water (feat. Kia J)

2. Reign Checc (feat. Corey Benjamins)

3. Brainstorm 

4. Wet (feat. Sosa)

5. Drip Splash

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ΤΔZ tīˈko͞on sat down with host Sherm of the 75 Junction podcast to discuss her new album .WAV Goddess! She goes into detail about how she has found peace and inner happiness over quarantine through yoga, meditation, healthy eating, working out, and reading. A truly enlightening interview, make sure to check it out!

Website: Taz Tikoon

WAV Goddess Album link

Watch Taz’s DripSplash performance here