Vivo is obtaining a phone that has a color-changing back glass

Vivo is obtaining a phone that has a color-changing back glass

Vivo is creating one of the coolest looking phones I’ve at any point seen. In a video presented on Weibo (and spotted by Android Authority), the organization affirms that its new phone, which doesn’t yet have a name or delivery date, can change its back case’s shading with the press of a catch.

The organization professes to utilize electrochromic glass to accomplish this amazing impact, a similar tech that OnePlus utilized in its Concept One phone to darken its back camera from see when it wasn’t being utilized. In OnePlus’ verification of idea, appeared at CES 2020, an electric sign made the glass switch between being colored or straightforward. Vivo’s usage takes it further by utilizing the tech to change the shade of the phone’s glass back, which is a much more fun gathering stunt.

Mystery phone is considerably more appealing. Truly, the phone wavers between similar hues at whatever point a catch on its side is pushed: white, at that point dark blue, with a short look at a perfect lilac purple tone.

On the off chance that you can’t get enough of seeing this phone, another video seems to flaunt this shading changing phone on Weibo. Strangely, that clasp doesn’t have tape covering the camera module, and it looks strikingly like the organization’s ongoing X50 lead phone that went marked down in July. Ideally, we’ll hear something about this intriguing phone sooner than later.

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