Volatile Crypto Market And How To Conquer It?

Volatile Crypto Market And How To Conquer It?

When you tell people you will invest in crypto, a significant portion will advise against it. And they would mention the volatility of the crypto market as the reason. That’s very much true. But with quality financial education and participating in trading courses, you can learn to conquer the volatile crypto market.

Since the general public learned about the investment potential of crypto, various courses have sprung up on the internet. The majority mostly repackages generic advice and baseless techniques off the web. As a result, the students see no results and become frustrated. Yet, another reason why crypto investment gets a bad rep.

Interagio, owned by Educatix OU, is about to change this. It provides quality crypto trading education that has an actual implementation in the real world. Find out how you can conquer the crypto market with Interagio’s guidance.

The Volatility Of the Crypto Market

Crypto has been one of the most volatile financial assets humans have known. Take Bitcoin as an example.

When Bitcoin first came to the scene in 2010, its value was less than a dollar. Eleven years later, the same coin traded at 66000$. That’s astonishing growth for a financial asset. It also made the primary investors insanely rich.

Since people learned about crypto’s amazing return on investment in 2021, naturally, many were lured to put their money into it.

So, many investors used a significant amount of their capital to acquire Bitcoin at 66,000$. They hoped for a wonderful profit the following year. Guess what happened? Bitcoin dropped to 16,000$, and many investors lost everything.

That’s how volatile crypto is. In a single day, the price of a crypto coin can fluctuate by 10% or more. Meanwhile, traditional stock prices might fluctuate by 1-2% (on rare occasions).

This makes crypto a lot more peculiar and challenging than traditional trading. Because the market here works much differently than the other ones. Unless you have a proper understanding of the inner workings, it’s quite impossible to find success.

Why Is The Cryptocurrency Market So Volatile?

If you want to win in the crypto market you first have to know why it is so volatile. Understanding the reasons will help you predict rises and falls in the market. As a result, you will be able to adopt the right strategy for trading cryptos.

Rise During Times of Uncertainty

The demand for crypto usually rises during times of uncertainty. You might remember how the pandemic and Ukraine war drove the demand for cryptos.

That’s because cryptocurrencies are not controlled by a central authority like the government. Fiat currency is linked with the government’s stability and competency. And in the eyes of the public, the government seems to lose those qualities during unprecedented situations like war and pandemics.

As a result, they put their money in crypto to save the value of their cash. So, even if the state’s financial system fails, their money would be safe.

However, these same public feelings rapidly change when the initial shock passes away. Consequently, the demand and price of crypto fall. This is why the market is so volatile because it depends mostly on uncertainty and changing public emotions.

The emergence of New Coins

Once Bitcoin ruled the crypto world. But its success has inspired the creation of many other coins. These altcoins had to have something that would make the public choose them over Bitcoins. So, the developer of the new coins is always adding newer features that let a new coin offer something that the former coins didn’t.

This emergence of new and better coins is another reason why for the market’s volatility. New coins are constantly entering the market. And that decreases the demand for former coins. This is why it’s a good idea to diversify your crypto investment in different coins.

Crypto Miners

The rises and falls in the crypto market also have much to do with the miners. You need to solve complex calculations to validate the transaction in crypto coins. That’s what miners do. In return, they receive new tokens.

Now, this calculation gets increasingly difficult as mining that cryptocurrency gets more competitive. So, the miner has to dedicate more time and effort to the mining process. Meanwhile, they also have to pay more energy bills since crypto mining demands a lot of computing power.

Eventually, a significant number of miners might all stop mining that coin simultaneously because the cost and difficulty aren’t worth the rewards anymore. This will create a sudden shortage of coins, increase the demand and make the market volatile.

Conquer the Volatile Crypto Market With Interagio From Educatix OU

There were multiple occasions when people got lucky with their crypto investments. Think of the people who bought Bitcoin at less than one dollar in 2010 and sold for more than 66000 in 2021.

However, there is no guarantee that something like that can happen to you. What you need is proper financial education that you can get from authentic trading courses. And Interagio can be the perfect place to start.

Who is Interagio For?

Interagio’s program is designed for all levels of crypto enthusiasts. You might be a complete beginner who knows absolutely nothing about this world. Or, you might have tried your hand at the game but the lack of useful information prevented you from achieving success.

The program is also designed for people who have been trading for a while but hadn’t seen the profits they were expecting.

Education For Every Level Of Investors 

Interagio courses can be a great resource for crypto investors of all levels. Firstly, there are informative and fun video courses. You can learn about the essentials of trading from these videos. These courses also cover technical and strategic trading.

Secondly, Interagio offers valuable content for market research. You shouldn’t go anywhere near crypto trading if your market research isn’t up to the mark. Interagio provides daily videos, market news, and technical analysis articles to help you make smart, educated trading decisions.

Lastly, the platform offers its users various useful tools, such as an economic calendar and a cryptocurrency calendar. Remember, all professional crypto trader utilizes tools to enhance their performance. If you don’t do it, you will fall behind in the competition.


Are you looking to enter the unpredictable world of crypto? Well, it’s a wild world, and you shouldn’t go in unarmed. So, equip yourself with proper financial education and an authentic trading course. Go to Interagio’s website and sign up for their courses today.