Web 3 Project, Music Bear Awards To Promote Good Music Artists & Art In A Strategic Way

Web 3 Project, Music Bear Awards To Promote Good Music Artists & Art In A Strategic Way

Good music artists and songs are rare these days and one of the major reasons behind this is the lack of focus on talent and more on money-making. The corporate dictators decide which artist will get the exposure. This way there are only a few who get the limelight and even they don’t get the value they deserve in return. Music Bear Awards (MBA) is here with a solution to the huge problem. 

The Web 3 based project is backed by a highly experienced and skilled team that is dedicated to helping good art and artists thrive. 2 Founders of MBA have almost 10 years of experience in managing business operations, marketing and PR with an MBA and project manager certification. 4 board members are successful artists with millions of streams on streaming platforms, concerts all over the globe and are songwriters and mentors. 2 team members are mogul in marketing, artists & development working for two major key players of the music industry (Sony Music, Amazon) in North America.

MBA’s NFT art has been designed by extremely skilled people including the animators and 3D designer veterans who work for top tier movie and studio animation companies and other big production houses. The team has worked with reputed studios like Mikros Animation that released movies like Bob l’éponge 3D et Sonic, Baby Boss, Pat Patrol etc. 

MBA promises to help the scattered music community by bringing them together. The project helps talented artists and music lovers join forces at a single platform where they can share, discuss and debate about their favourite music. This will not just create an uplifting experience for all music lovers but will also provide an opportunity for artists to make an impression in the industry. Since the power is not in the hands of a single individual or a company, there will be more chances for good artists to get the exposure they deserve. MBA has a dedicated Creative Hub that will help the artists with the resources, the infrastructure, the network, the team and the exposure they deserve. 

The artists picked by the community will also receive support to develop their art, promote their single, Ep or mixtape. And this will solidify the fact that the community of music lovers are tastemakers who can have a real impact in the music industry. This will also help the music lovers with more availability of good music.

Talking about why Web 3 has been picked as the medium for Music Bear Awards, the team says, “For us, Music Bear Awards (MBA), The WEB 3.0 is the perfect opportunity to increase and improve our scalability and give ownership back to the artist, the fan, the community”

Stay tuned to the official Twitter and Discord channel of Music Bear Awards for all the regular updates.