WeIN: The best alternate to Shein that India could come up with in the clothing line sector

WeIN: The best alternate to Shein that India could come up with in the clothing line sector

The Indian fashion industry is soon going to grow to greater heights with WeIN as it is a 100% made in India fashion brand.

Whether it is men or women fashion industry, it is something which has grown in leaps and bounds over the years after many industries set their foot into the online fashion world with their e-commerce sites. Shein is a great example for people to know how fashion clothing line can scale its businesses at a much higher level if it offers suave, trendy, comfortable clothing and that too at cheaper rates. However, it was time already to break this competition from international brands like Shein and come up with an Indian touch to the fashion industry. Recently, when the government of India banned 59 Chinese apps, many Indian companies started to launch themselves in different markets. Maximizing this opportunity is WeIN, which is truly Indian made clothing line online platform intended to serve all those people fashion crazy and offer them apparel at much cheaper and affordable rates.

The growing needs and demands of fashion fanatics and their want to own some new and fresh clothing styles have given more confidence to WeIN to come up with their own brand and disrupt the fashion industry with their excellency and uniqueness with its apparel offerings. The wait is soon going to get over with WeIN getting launched soon somewhere in the middle of August this year. This comes as a breather for all those who are missing Shein already. Now they would not need to look any further as WeIN has the potential to serve the customers much better than the Chinese brand did all these years. 

The target audiences of WeIN as of now are women from the age group of 16 to 24 years. It is a brand created to make affordable fashion at the doorstep and also make India independent in creating sophisticated and trendy fashion at economical rates. The vision of WeIN which stands for We – for all of us and IN – made in India wants to create apparels and give rise to the fashion industry of India and also to make available comfortable and affordable fashion to each person.

Amongst the many other factors, what’s impressive about WeIN is that they are planning to offer bonus points to their loyal customers and offer them a clothing line which serves people of all sizes. Hence, for this they have come up with a plus-size section called “PLUS FOR US, Embrace your curves“.

The brand has been created to cater to both men and women; however, it will focus on serving their women customers more with fashion that will speak for them. It would be no surprise if they create a market value much more prominent than Shein as it is completely Indian made brand. Follow them on Instagram for more updates – https://www.instagram.com/Weinofficial/.