When we talk about stock market as a beginner, there are many market movements or types of stocks that we might not be aware of. Sometimes these stocks are so good that anyone can earn a huge profit from them with a little input only. One such type of stock is a multibagger stock, which is something only a Technical Expert/Analyst in Stock Trading could help us understand.

Mukul Agrawal is a name that comes to our mind when we talk about a successful Technical Analyst of our time. He is a renowned TEDx speaker and has recently been awarded with the Young Achiever Award for best stock market training in 2021. On Multibagger shares he says,“ Multibagger shares are low price shares and have high chances to go up and give profit to the investor.

Every investor wants to invest in these shares as they hold a great chance to maximize your profit. A company that has an advanced research development sill, high growth rate, good management skills could be counted as a company that can issue multibagger stocks. These stocks are highly profiting as the tremendously increases your returns”. Companies those often have significant growth potential and excellent management & production techniques in the market issues multibagger shares. Multibagger shares are the shares which have high earnings per share as well.

Mukul Agrawal is the founder of the Agrawal Corporate which is a Stock Market Training Academy. He has been personally training and consulting individuals for Stock Trading for last 18 years and is the holder of a National Achiever Award of 2019. Not only this, but he also runs a YouTube channel – THE MUKUL AGRAWAL, where he teaches the young as well as experienced minds all across the country the art of stock trading and basics of investments. His channel is currently being followed by more than 5 lakh people which showcase him as a well established mentor and educator in the field of Stock Market Trading and Investment. Mukul Agrawal teaches all such tricks and tactics to give his followers a deeper insight on these technicalities of stock market investment.

The lessons are completely free for anyone to access and understand from. Many have been benefitted from his teachings and consultancies. Mukul Agrawal holds a consistent track record and has gained success not only in stock selection but also in advance predictions of prices. He is an expert in his field because he holds an experience of 18 years and till date has taught around more than 10000 students. When asked about the most memorable time in his career, Mukul Agrawal remembers the time when he was
invited by different Schools and Organizations to motivate and enhance the audience.

That was a moment of pride or him, also when he presented himself as a TEDx speaker. He also conducts various seminars and workshops from time to time. From making his followers understand the market, to teaching them to keenly observe the current economic trends, to formulating strategies, he cover almost all the topics and concepts essential for stock market investment. Mukul Agrawal believes it is important to have at least a basic plan in place before you invest in Stocks. One thing is really evident from his insights that he is an expert when it comes to the analysis of any kind of long term or short term investments, and significant amount of people have made fortunes from his remarkable strategies.