What Exactly is Waist Training?

What Exactly is Waist Training?

In this article, you will find out what is waist training and how it modifies your body.

You hear people talking about it all the time and there’s a lot of misconceptions about waist training.

What waist training is you’re taking the time with a steel boned corset to actually change and modify the shape of your waist.

The waist is the one part of your body you can actually do that with. There’s quite a bit of hollow space in there and there are ways that you can move things around.

If you continue to use your waist training corset, even just not all the time but just for maintenance, the results are semi-permanent. You’ll actually be able to keep that shape.

It’s like after you have braces you need to wear a retainer otherwise your teeth are going to go back. You can’t just wiggle your waist down and then toss your corset aside and assume that it’s going to be that way forever.

What Is the corset modifying?

In other words, when I’m wearing a corset for waist training, does it modify your hips and your ribs or does it just focus on your waist?

When you are wearing a corset for waist training, it brings in and modifies your waist, kind of shifts things around inside. You really can’t do anything about your hips. If anything, it gives your hips a more exaggerated look because you brought your waist in so much, but you’re not going to move the bones of your hips. They’re not going anywhere.

What you can do though is that the bottom two ribs that we have are actually floating ribs and if you’re wearing your corset and it’s a long enough that is hitting you where those bottom ribs are, through quite a bit of patience and diligence in waist training, you can modify and bring in those floating two ribs. There are some real extreme waist trainers that brought those ribs all the way in.

If you stop corseting for long periods of time, just like when you take off braces and never wear a retainer, those ribs are going to start to float back out again. You’re not permanently moved them in, but you can certainly bring them in temporarily and while your waist training.

How do I measure my torso length?

This is a very important question because some of the corsets are quite long and not everyone has the length for them.

A lot of people think that if they’re tall, they have a long torso, and if they are short, they have a short torso and that is certainly not true.

You need to measure right under the center of one of your breasts and come down to where your hip flexor kicks up. For example, I have just about eleven and a half inches.

But what you should do next is perform the sit test. If you measure down to your hip flexor and sit, you will see where your corset is gonna hit you. When you do this test, you will lose about an inch when you sit and that’s true for most people.

Make sure that you complete the test all the way through. Pick a standing measurement, sit down and see where that corset is going to hit you. For the best experience and results, use custom made corsets.

Does it matter which fabric I choose?

It really doesn’t. Most corsets are lined in cotton, so the outer fabric is really a personal preference. Some of the seasons more quickly, like the satin and the leather over the brocades and the cotton, but as far as how effective the corset is, the outer fabric really isn’t relevant.

There’s a little bit of a difference with the mesh corsets because those are not lined. That is a very different type of fabric than anything else. It tends to mold to the body much more quickly, it’s really lightweight corset. With that one, you might notice a little bit of a difference in how the corset wears, but with the other ones, it will take you a little longer to the season, but it’s not going to impact the overall wear of your corset.

How important is it to keep your laces parallel?

What we are talking about here is the laces in the back. You really want to try to have a parallel lace when you thigh your corset on.

It’s important but it’s not the end-all-be-all. If you have a little bit of a V or a little bit of an A or even a little bit of parenthesis in and out, that’s to be expected when you’re buying an off-the-rack corset. Because corset wasn’t custom fit for your body.

Unless you happen to have just the right measurements to fit into one of these corsets, it’s likely that that’s going to happen.

Even my corset which I’ve had forever, I can close the bottom all the way in, the top all the way, but I can’t quite a close right at the waist, mostly because I don’t waist train.