What is a voucher? Benefits of a voucher for both consumer and business

What is a voucher? Benefits of a voucher for both consumer and business

To promote shopping behavior and increase customer loyalty, retailers often use vouchers to stimulate consumption. Gift voucher offers both consumers and businesses undeniable benefits, such as saving money, promoting sales, building customer loyalty, … So what is a voucher? What are the benefits of a voucher for both consumers and businesses? Let’s find out in the following article.

1. What is a voucher?

Voucher is a gift card that entitles the holder to a discount. Vouchers are provided by businesses in the form of a small printed piece of paper or electronic vouchers. Consumers use a voucher to receive a discount or can redeem the corresponding goods when buying goods or services.

When a brand or a supplier has issued a voucher, they will commit to discounting for customers or offering products and services in accordance with the information on the voucher you own.

2. The history of vouchers

As far as we know, the history of using a voucher was first made in 1888 by Asa Candler, one of the founders of the Coca-Cola Company. In that marketing campaign, all customers who have the voucher can exchange for 1 cup of Coca-Cola for free.

According to data from Wikipedia, it is estimated that between 1894 and 1913, there were 8.5 million free drinks and 1 in 9 Americans received a free Coca-Cola.

Since that successful campaign, vouchers are quickly used in the United States. Today, businesses make the most of sales and promote their product brands.

In Australia, consumers first encountered voucher cards when a company called Shop A Docket offered discounts on the back of shopping bills in 1986.

3. What is an e-voucher?

E-voucher (Electronic Voucher) is an electronic voucher and is valid for online purchases.  You can use them on all eCommerce sites. E-

To get these e-vouchers, you need to buy products or use services at these e-commerce sites. Each e-voucher will usually have 5 characters or more, to increase the security for an e-voucher. People will use both letters and numbers for this sequence of characters.

Once you have received these e-vouchers, using them is very simple. You just need to re-read the character sequence for the salesperson to check that the code is valid. If you buy online products, fill at the checkout box to save money.

4. Benefits of vouchers for consumer

Using a voucher when shopping is a great saving solution every shopper should apply. Currently, there are many different voucher card models. Most notably, businesses often issue voucher cards with the main purpose of exchanging prices or discounting products. And most consumers prefer voucher cards and discount codes to use them for the next purchase.

Consumers will receive the best preferential price when using a voucher card to buy the products they are looking for. You can save up to 80% off various products or even get products for free.

5. Benefits of gift vouchers for business

Certainly, businesses will receive benefits from vouchers.

Promote sale

The purpose of using vouchers is to promote sales. Businesses stimulate customers to buy more, use more products/services of the supplier. Businesses can completely rely on the results of each campaign to come up with new, more effective marketing strategies, contributing to maximize profits.

In addition, businesses can take advantage of vouchers as a tool to impact shoppers in need but can not afford to pay. When there is a promotional voucher, most of them will review and make a purchase.

Build customer loyalty

Offering vouchers also help business build customers loyalty. Customers can save money when shopping and they feel satisfied. At the same time, businesses can use gift vouchers as a thank you to their customers, helping them have a better view. As a result, they will go back to buy products again. The image of the business in the eyes of customers will also be better recognized, helping the brand become more popular.

Draw attention to specific products

Vouchers are also used to draw consumers’ attention to a specific product. Especially, when businesses want to introduce a new product or increase the sale of a specific product, this works well.

6. How to find vouchers?

Today, you can find vouchers, particularly e-vouchers easily. To engage customers to buy products, many brands often offer vouchers, discount codes for customers throughout the year. Especially, on sale season like Christmas, Black Friday Deal, Year-End Sale, you can get vouchers up to 80% off.

In the era of 4.0 technology, you can easily find discount Voucher cards on e-commerce sites such as Couponupto, Couponxoo … These websites are coupon sites. They have partnerships with many online stores around the world in updating vouchers, discounts, deals for shoppers. More specifically, you can easily find vouchers for technology products, food, clothes, shoes, skincare products, much more.


To sum up, vouchers bring many benefits to both customers and businesses. Shoppers should take advantage of vouchers to save money. Also, businesses should know how to use vouchers effectively to develop the brand.