What makes you a skilled football player? Cumberland’s Jonquall Carrothers gives insight on the subject.

What makes you a skilled football player? Cumberland’s Jonquall Carrothers gives insight on the subject.

He has taken over the game of football with his winning streak, which never fails to perform. Here he shares his knowledge on the sport the world loves.

Football can be rated as one of the most popular sports of all as compared to others, with a huge fan following worldwide. People from every continent on this global map have a penchant for this amazing sport. In every nook and corner of the world you will definitely find a football pitch with players hustling to reach for the goal. Football players have gained immense popularity and seem to stand out above the rest from other sports, owing to their humongous fan following and global craze, which is phenomenal. However, to reach that position is not easy and takes a lot of hard work, dedication and hours of practice to master the craft. To become number one and ace in the sport, one needs to follow certain rules which can help you in becoming a successful professional football player. Jonquall Carrothers, who has taken over the reins of Cumberland football scene and has excelled beyond all expectations, guides you through the process which can help in your dreams of reaching the top culminate into reality.

Here are a few tips by the ace footballer, which if followed diligently, can help in building a bright future in the sport:

  • Focus on training right: No amounts of theoretical knowledge can help in mastering the game, as all you need is proper training. You need to reinvent yourself by learning something new each day on the football turf. Take your time to learn that new skill, and then try to perfect that move with practice.
  • Follow proper diet: Keeping your weight in check is the foremost rule, as any deviations in it can hinder your performance in the game. Eating healthy should be your top priority, which will keep you agile and energetic during the game. Any unwanted weight gain will make it hard for you to perform difficult moves of the game.
  • Exercise and rest well: Beyond eating restricted diet, you need to follow an exercise regime which targets various body parts and strengthens the core muscles. Apart from that, activities like jogging, weight training, cycling etc. also helps in building endurance which will help you keep pace and stay ahead of opponents.
  • Get yourself in a team: If you are looking for a serious career in the game, getting yourself in a team should be your utmost priority. You might get noticed for your performance by big recruiters and end up being in your dream team if your game is worth it.

Jonquall says that if one follows the rules of the sport diligently, and gives his 100%, there can be no reason why you can’t grab the top position in the game of football.