WhatsApp to Enable Status Updates from Desktop App

WhatsApp to Enable Status Updates from Desktop App

Mac users can now share status updates straight from their desktop with WhatsApp thanks to a new feature. This follows the recent release of an identical functionality for Android phones. Users of WhatsApp can now communicate text, voice, GIF, video, and image communications via status updates from any connected mobile device. This feature was added lately. The instant chat service is now offering Mac customers this feature. In the most recent WhatsApp beta for Mac version 24.11.73, accessible through the TestFlight program, beta testers can now experiment with the new functionality that allows them to share status updates directly from the Mac’s status tab.

According to a screenshot released by the portal, users can share a text or photo status with their contacts by going directly to the Status Updates tab, which is identical to how it works on the mobile app. Before, users could only check status updates on the Mac program; posting them was not an option. Those who spend a lot of time on their laptops will find this new function more useful since it allows them to manage their status updates right from their desktop.

Because of this, consumers’ overall experience will be improved because they won’t have to switch between devices. Users can also share status updates without having to turn on their mobile device or connect it to the Internet. This guarantees a consistent multi-device experience by granting access to the same features on desktop and mobile platforms.

Some beta testers can currently access this functionality, and more users should be able to access it in the next few days.

In a related vein, WhatsApp has extended the duration during which voice notes can be posted as status updates. The Meta-owned app added the capability to share voice notes up to one minute long, improving the status feature. With the latest WhatsApp versions, users could record and exchange longer audio messages through their status updates, facilitating uninterrupted communication of more in-depth ideas and narratives.

The much-anticipated innovation that will enable users to share longer and more significant films was the option to publish longer videos as status updates on WhatsApp. This upgrade will be especially helpful for sharing announcements, events, and any other moments that take longer than thirty seconds to document.