When and how did reality begin Nasce, Cresce, Ignora®?

When and how did reality begin Nasce, Cresce, Ignora®?

I can’t give a precise reference date. I can’t say: this is the exact day when it all begins. I just know that I was still a student, I was only 18 years old. Following the social wave of those years, I decided to create a page too. Thus was born our “Adam”, our first child. The Facebook page “Nasce, Cresce, Ignora®”, which today boasts more than 550,000 followers. From then on it was an incredible and continuous climb to the next step. Immediately after, in fact, we created the homonymous Instagram page, now the real epicenter of the Network with over 2,100,000 followers and millions of weekly interactions with each single post. We started almost for fun and now instead “Nasce, Cresce, Ignora®” is a registered trademark, a real company that, in 5 years of activity, has had commercial relationships with major national and international brands. As well as, of course, being a leading point of reference for the Italian social community.

What are you referring to when you talk about Network?

Over the years we have built a real network. We have never stopped and we have always tried to meet the requests and needs of our users. We have not remained a simple page of ironic and satirical content. We have broadened our skills and have increasingly expanded our catchment area. Differentiating our efforts we have created Nasce, Cresce, Respawna® (the largest social community in Italy in the videogame sector.)

Nasce, Cresce, Streamma, which talks about cinema and TV series; finally Nasce, Cresce, Calcia, which deals with football. Our goal is not only to entertain young people by making them laugh and have fun, but also to sensitize them on the most delicate issues, to inform them about what is really happening in the world around them. Starting from this assumption, the next step was natural.

And what would it be?

The official website of “Nasce, Cresce, Ignora®”. We recently launched it but we are already having a large number of positive feedbacks. It is a project that starts from afar, from the desire to become over time a priority source of information for all those who follow us, appreciate and recognize the seriousness with which we work. We want to become a backbone also in the information sector, not just in entertainment. Often the news does not arrive “clean” and clear, especially those that concern and interest young people. That is why we have decided to take the situation head on.

It took us weeks to build a competent and up to date editorial staff that knows how to range on all the topics of our Network: from cinema, to current events, from sports to video games.

On the site www.nascecresceignora.it you can find anything: from reviews to flash news on the football market for example. We know it is an important step, but we are aware that we have an important background behind us. The experience gained over the years can only help us even in unexplored shores. High expectations do not scare us, on the contrary: they only encourage us to do even better.

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