Who is beauty influencer Omehabiba Khan?

Who is beauty influencer Omehabiba Khan?

Omehabiba Khan is by far one of the most influential fashion and beauty bloggers throughout the Midwest. She continually builds her following, and thus far, she has over 175,000 Instagram followers interacting with her posts and stories on a daily basis. She is a sought after influencer and a fashion icon who is often hailed as a true tastemaker. She often posts Inside for daily fashion tips for people looking to make the most out of their wardrobes and redefine their style. Just because most of us are stuck at home during these times, it doesn’t mean that we cannot still look stunning! “Ome,” as her friends and followers know her, Is a true role model with a lifelong passion for style and fashion. Omehabiba works as a professional influencer, as many companies and brands hire her as a consultant and spokesperson for their products, services, and brand identity. She also hosts RISHTA LIVE, a live matchmaking show that goes on every Thursday at 5 PM (PST). The show allows Ome to personally interact with her fan and followers, and potentially change their lives with a match made in heaven! This is an exciting opportunity to connect with another side of her personality and access yet another look at a major influence’s life and endeavors.

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