Who is Esmaeil Babaei??  Learn more about him and his activities

Who is Esmaeil Babaei??  Learn more about him and his activities

Esmaeil Babaei Dost is an active football journalist who officially started his activity in 2017 from Fartak News and Fartak Sports.  After that, he has a history of working with “Sports Three” as well as the Futsal 2020 TV program that airs on the Sports Network.  He is still in contact with these media.

 He appeared in football as a media manager very soon. He started working in the country’s football at the age of 19.  Babai Dost has worked with Nowshahr and Nikapars municipal teams in the third division league, and Etrak Bojnord and Nikapars Chalos in the second division league .

 He has been with Zandi Beton Klardasht futsal team in League Two, League One and Premier League and has won the first division league with Klardashti.  It should be mentioned that he was able to reach the third place twice as a public relations manager and media manager in the country’s first division volleyball league and stand on the platform with Iranshid Chalus.

 He is currently working as a media manager in Nikapars Second League team, which is led by Mohsen Bangar.  Omidhi Nikapars is also present in the first division league.

 One of the important activities of Esmaeil Babaei Dost has been the launch of professional and dedicated live broadcasts in futsal, which marked the first time in the history of Iran’s premier futsal league.  Also, he turned the Nikapars Chalous team into a team that became the first club in the history of Iranian football to broadcast all its games live and professionally, and there has never been a team in the history of Iran’s third division league that broadcasts all its matches live. 

 Esmaeil Babaei Dost has been working as the director of public relations of Chalus city football team since September 1400, and public relations of Chalus city volleyball team can also be seen in his work record.