Who is Safar Nour Mohammad Pour?

Who is Safar Nour Mohammad Pour?

The new achievements of the Iranian startup company, which were discussed in the conversation with “Safar Nour mohammad pour“.

Sedna Tejarat”; The axis of realization of self-reliance and development of Azerbaijani intellectuals, Mr. Nour mohammad pour: We are thinking of presence on the other side of the borders.

The CEO of “Sedna Tejarat Atiyeh” announced the planning and targeting of this company to complete and develop the cycle of production, distribution and exports of industrial, agricultural products and technical services of this company in the field of primary and secondary products in the near future.

Mr. Safar Nour mohammad Pour, in an interview with reporters, announced this and added: Sedna Tejarat Atieh Company is the only local company in Azarbaijan province of Iran in the field of designing, manufacturing, equipping and operating hydroponic, aeroponic and aquaponic devices in the production sector. It operates in animal husbandry, agriculture and summer work, and all the devices and technical engineering products of this company are designed and manufactured in Iran, zero to one hundred, without any technical and technological dependence on foreign countries.

Referring to the technical and industrial applications of Sedna Tejarat Atiye company’s production devices, he noted: Designing and manufacturing all kinds of devices needed by conversion industries in agriculture, summer work and animal husbandry has been on the agenda of this company since four years ago. And so far, relying on the technical power and ingenuity of our engineers and experts, we have been able to produce “drying fruit” machines, fodder packaging, and packaging and storage of all kinds of agricultural, summer and livestock products.

In another part of his speech, the CEO of Sedna Tejarat Atiyeh announced that creating a platform for the realization of mechanized animal husbandry is another focus of this company’s work and activities, adding: designing, manufacturing and equipping fully mechanized industrial devices based on the needs of different species Agriculture and animal husbandry is another activity of this company, and in this regard, part of the company’s products are now used by farmers and animal breeders inside the country.

Safar Noor Mohammad Pour continued about the readiness of the experts of this company to participate in mechanization and provide free technical and engineering consultations to livestock breeders, farmers and gardeners all over the country in the field of studying and designing industrial systems and devices needed based on the climatic and environmental conditions of the country’s regions. informed.

He considered planning and efforts for profitability and creating added value in the field of agriculture, industry and animal husbandry through equipping farms, pastures, animal husbandry workshops and even related home businesses with production devices of this company as one of the most important plans and strategic goals of the company. Sedna Tejarat Atiyeh announced and clarified: Fortunately, Sedna Tejarat Atiyeh company has been able to provide and institutionalize its chain, idea, design, production, equipment, sale, export and job creation through its industrial products.

The CEO of Sedna Tejarat Atiyeh Company also informed about the planning and targeting of the company to increase the number of domestic agencies as well as the establishment of sales agency offices abroad and added: Currently, apart from Urmia, which is the main and central office of the company, Sedna Tejarat representative offices are active in the cities of Tabriz, Ardabil, Zanjan, Tehran, Khoi, Selmas and Shahin Dej, and since the beginning of 1401, Sedna Tejarat representative offices have officially opened in the UAE, Azerbaijan and Turkey.

At the same time, Nour Mohammad Pour announced the launch of the company’s leather products brand with the brand name “Sedna Leather” in Tabriz, among other plans ahead of Sedna Tejarat, and stated: This brand will soon be based on the company’s representation in the city. Tabriz will start its activity.

In conclusion, he announced the cooperation and partnership of Sedna Tejarat Company with the West Azerbaijan Army to equip and prepare the deprived villages of this province in line with the production of hydroponic products, with the aim of improving the quality and the level and production capacity of the deprived villages of the province, and added: Similar to this plan And the strategic plan can be implemented in other provinces as well, if cooperation platforms are provided.