If you are reading this, you might have asked someone or at least your own self about the right cables for your small business. In this blog post, you will understand as to why Cat6 plenum cables are perfect for small business. Businesses either small or big need to be efficient in their work process, and what better way to improve efficiency and overall yield than through enhanced connectivity and reliable Ethernet networking. For the purpose, the Cat6 plenum cables are the perfect solution.  They are ideal when you are looking to set up reliable connections that feature smooth signal transmission, high bandwidth capacity, high data transfer rates, better conductivity, high data integrity and so forth. However, cables with plenum jackets provide you with an added benefit: they give you fire-retardant characteristics as a result of which they become safe to use in places where ordinary cables are declared unsafe to be used by fire management authorities. To explain it in simpler terms, plenum cables are used in spaces that are hazardous for regular non-plenum jacket cables for such cables have fire ratings that are not strict enough.

To understand anything about plenum cables, you need to have some knowledge about plenum spaces. Now, plenum spaces correspond to certain spaces in between floors in a building through which air circulates for the purpose of ventilation, heating or cooling. As a result of this constant socialization of air, what essentially happens can be referred to as ‘the concentration of oxygen’. Plenum spaces are full of oxygen, and because of the high oxygen levels, such spaces are highly sensitive to fire. It is, therefore, you must install cables that are in accordance to the standards laid down by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA). Such cables are more commonly regarded as ‘plenum-rated’ cables. Plenum-rated cables are made of fire retardant materials that repel off flames, and they help hindering fire progression in an event of fire. Moreover, plenum-rated cables are low-smoke cables that do not burn off like a regular plastic emitting injurious-to-health fumes.

That is just one of the many benefits of a Cat6 plenum cable. Apart from it being a fire-retardant plenum rated cable, it is designed to provide you all sorts of good when it comes to connectivity, reliable transmission of data, remarkable conductivity, and low bit error rate.

For starters, Cat6 plenum cable is a high performance cable that can conveniently be used to fulfill your cable-related needs for any small business. The specifications it is designed with are particularly aimed to provide with exceptional rates of data transfer, high bandwidth capacities and so much more. It is always considered a good practice that you invest in the right cable for your small business because you need everything to work with efficiency. Most of the Cat6 plenum cables produced nowadays exceeds the minimum laid down industry standards. Typically, such a cable is recommended for 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX Fast Ethernet, 1000BASE-T (IEEE802.3), 100VG-AnyLAN (IEEE802.12), 550 MHz Broadband Video, Voice, T1, ISDN, 155/ 622 Mbps ATM and ATM PoE (Power over Ethernet). Apart from that the data transfer rates that they tend to offer are simply perfect for your small business. They allow for data transfer rates of 1 GB for a maximum distance of 100 meters. Likewise, they allow 10GBASE-T and all other LAN applications to be run for a maximum distance of 100 meters. As for the bandwidth frequency, they can readily support up to 550 MHz.

As for its internal composition, a Cat6 cable contains 23 American Gauge Wire conductors, four twisted pairs and eight conductors. It is made up of 8 wires twisted together in 4 pairs. Each of the twisted pairs is usually color-coded so that it can be distinguished from each other. The twisted pair design used in this cable is another essential feature that makes this cable a go-to choice for any small business. This twisted pair design helps in cutting down cross-talk and other electromagnetic interferences and keeping them at a minimum acceptable level. This means that the transmissions are guaranteed to be smooth. There is no undue disturbance or signal bleedings when you transmit your data, especially at higher frequencies.