Why Top Celebrities are using My Dental Wig For their Full and Bright Smile?

Why Top Celebrities are using My Dental Wig For their Full and Bright Smile?

The following is what Dr. Kirsten Roling DDS (Dentist) wrote about My Dental Wig “The next major disruptor to the dental industry. (Think Smile Direct Club)”

It is estimated that around 3.75% of adults between the ages of 20 and 64 have lost all the teeth in their mouths. It’s also said that African-American and Latino adults, smokers, and people with less income and lower educations are more likely to have no remaining teeth left. Almost 70% of people in the United States are struggling with losing their teeth. With the high cost of bridges, dentures, implants, and other dental solutions, having a normal, perfect smile seems almost impossible to come by.

However, Lydie Livolsi had a solution. A current resident of Los Angeles in Southern California, and possessing over 30 years of experience in dentistry, Lydie discovered an effective way to replace 1 missing tooth to all missing teeth in an affordable and time effective fashion. She created My Dental Wig, which is dental solutions at its best. The company efficiently provides no pain solutions for your dental needs, with a minimal wait time that is incomparable. You could simply go to the website Mydentalwig.com and schedule an in-home consultation. The entire procedure is completed within seven to ten business day on average, and clients do not ever have to leave their home to achieve that perfect smile.

Now you may ask, what exactly is this magnificent new creation? A Dental Wig is exactly what you hear in the name. A wig designed for your teeth. It has been meticulously created to be placed into the empty space where your teeth once were. It is made with high quality, rigid premium acrylic dental material, designed for only the best in mind. You merely place the wig into the empty space, and with an effortless snap, your missing teeth are replaced.

My Dental Wig differs from other products in quite a few ways. First, with dentures and implants, a dentist is always involved. That’s not the case with My Dental Wig. The wig also allows users to do all their ordinary activities, like eating and sleeping, without causing any pain or embarrassment that dentures would offer. Dentures, on the other hand, usually require a removal process throughout the day, and worst ad night, which also causes sanitary issues. My Dental Wig is a painless process, from the initial steps to the lifelong longevity of the wigs, which stays continuously in your mouth all the time. Other options, like implants and bridges, have lots of drilling, pain, bleeding, a lot of complications like irreversible nerve damage, sinus perforation, and very expensive. With My Dental wig, there is no drill, no pain, no bleeding, no damage and with their Buy Once Smile Forever™ that makes replacing missing teeth affordable for life.

In addition, My Dental Wig saves you lots of time in the short term and long term. The online appointment booking makes your initial appointment times minimal, with the in-home visit being only a click away. It takes only 3 days to replace one missing tooth, whereas implants and bridges could take months. My Dental Wig is also among the most affordable options out there. For replacement of teeth, My Dental Wig charges per jaw. No matter how many teeth are missing on 1 jaw, the price is the same: 1 jaw, 1 price™, $2,000 for the entire jaw (up to 14 lost teeth replaced). This would be compared to around $17,500 to $27,500 for implant supported crowns, and $24,000 to $28,800 for tooth supported bridges.

My Dental Wig matches the gum’s color. It is no wonder that people are turning to My Dental Wig to support their dental needs. It is the number one alternative to anything else on the market, and even top celebrities use it to have vibrant, healthy, and gorgeous smiles. It is the easiest, fastest, and the most affordable option out there. Backed by staff possessing a highly revered education in dentistry, My Dental Wig is permanently here to give you that full and bright smile you truly deserve.