Why you need to consider indoor air quality testing services in Jacksonville, FL?

Why you need to consider indoor air quality testing services in Jacksonville, FL?

Do you think the air we breathe is 100% pure and fresh? But to be more reliable people nowadays are likely to know the changes and transformations around them even if there is a slight change. The air we breathe is contaminated and polluted in many ways. And the air inside our home is more polluted than outside and that is the fact. Once you suspect an air pollution problem in your homes, the first impulse would be to measure the contaminant levels. And probably that’s the reason why indoor air quality testing Jacksonville FL is more appealing and pleasing as we are staying inside our house nowadays and rarely getting out of our compound. The process should be selective and strategic.

Good indoor quality is a must to maintain a healthy life and avoid health-related issues. Poor ventilation is one of the major reasons for poor indoor quality. Others include fumes from boilers, cooking, open fires, or camps, wood inducing stoves, drench conditions, blocked drains, and other leaks like oil leaks and fat leaks.

Common indoor pollutants that are seen widely in Jacksonville, FL homes are

  • Biological pollutants like bacteria, mites, dirt, pollen, mold, dander, and other small microorganisms.
  • Chemical pollutants including lead, radon, VOCs (volatile organic compounds) like formaldehyde.
  • Combustion pollutants like carbon monoxide, and tobacco.

The indoor air quality changes from area to area, region to region, even room to room in a house. The problem arises mostly in the winter as we lock up the entire house or building to protect ourselves from the cold weather. That’s the reason why you should opt for indoor air testing and air purification Jacksonville FL whenever possible. It is substantial for maintaining healthy indoor air quality and performance. Poor air quality might cause headaches, fatigue, allergies, shortness of breath, coughing, sneezing, nausea, dizziness, and other health-related issues.

More often house owners in Jacksonville FL don’t know the exact reason for these health issues. As a contractor, the service provider must educate the customer about the benefits of indoor air quality testing and air purification. Air filters are one of the common solutions for indoor air quality maintenance and additional products like ventilation systems, and humidifiers help in getting rid of tiny particles in the air like spores and residues.

The most hazardous or dangerous substance found in the air is such as the presence of radon. Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas. When the naturally occurring uranium breaks down inside the soil and rocks, the radon gas is formed or created in the ground. It becomes dangerous when they seep into an enclosed space. So, it is the most important step in indoor air quality testing that is the testing of radon.

To improve indoor air quality, Envirovac provides comprehensive air purification in Jacksonville FL that include:

Cleaning of the ducts

Air ducts are vulnerable to dust accumulation within a short period. So, when we naturally turn on the air purifier it is susceptible that the ducts circulate the dirty air back into the house, and the process continues. The house owners should look after their ducts and seek help from an HVAC pro to reduce the dusty particles accumulation and circulation inside the house. Unless you’re renovating your house it is fine to clean the ducts once every five years.

Replace and upgrade the furnace filters

An HVAC filter in the furnace could be changed every 30-90 days counting on the quality of the filter. It is important to clean and replace the filters around the home. HEPA (High-efficiency particulate air) filter should be bought for the furnace. They help in filtering the air, even the tiny particles that are not visible to our naked eyes.

Air purifiers

People often get confused between air purifiers and filters. Air purifiers help in sanitizing and recirculating the air. Small and free-standing air purifiers can be used as they are relatively portable and quiet. They consume minimum energy to operate. These air purifiers tend to make use of the HEPA filters too. They circulate even the air and remove the small particles present in the air.

Right Vacuum selection

Not letting the dust particles, dirt, bacteria, pollen, and mites into the air is important, and not every vacuum does the same work. So, it is important to choose the right one which frequently vacuums and that are most likely to be HEPA filtered vacuum cleaners. These vacuums prevent the gathering of toxins and allergens into the air and also on the floors.

Providing these tips will surely help the house owners to be safe and effective with the good indoor air quality system.